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Flying Flowers launches FREE ‘Bee A Superhero’ education pack

Calling all teachers! Are you looking to bring a buzz to your classroom in 2024? Eleanor Agnew, education initiative co-ordinator at Flying Flowers, explains how they can help…

30 Second Briefing

Flying Flowers are making a buzz in schools with a FREE educational activity pack.

Created in partnership with teachers, ‘Bee A Superhero’ is designed for children in key stages 1 and 2. Supporting teacher notes are also provided, which indicate the areas of the school curriculum the content meets with links to additional resources, making it as easy as possible for it to be used within the classroom.

Who is the bee education pack for?

This isn’t just another resource; we have worked closely with schools to ensure our pack supports national curriculum subjects to make it as easy as possible to be used within primary school classrooms.

The pack will enable teachers to seamlessly include the activities in their lesson planning and create excitement about the world of bees.

Forget Spiderman or Wonder Woman, with our pack, we want to turn your classrooms into an exciting hive of bee-saving superheroes (cape optional)!

What are the key features of the bee education pack?

Integrate our bee education pack into your lessons, and students will get to appreciate the intricate world of bees.

The pack will get children involved in a range of bee-saving activities that will move from your classroom to forest school activities, into the playground and all the way home.

Through our pack, your pupils will explore the many different species found in the UK – it’s not only about the honeybees and bumblebees! They will learn about the different bee habitats and delve into the different factors putting our bees in trouble and how your students can help save them.

From fun learning activities that support curriculum subjects to hands-on exercises and interactive challenges, our goal is to provide an enriching educational resource, one that not only meets the needs of teachers but also sparks a joy of learning.

Each page is colourfully designed to capture a young audience.

Our Expert
Eleanor Agnew

Eleanor Agnew

Education initiative co-ordinator at Flying Flowers

Area of expertise: As passionate about education as for our pollinators! Interest in educating primary school level about the bees.

What other learning resources do we offer?

To support you in delivering our bee educational pack, we have produced teacher notes which highlight where activities link to the curriculum and provide additional learning resources you can access.

Of course, you can only attract the bees if they have some flowers to visit. That’s why we’ll donate a packet of seeds to produce gorgeous bee-friendly flowers.

Don’t worry if you don’t have lots of outdoor space – anywhere from a garden, planter, or even a window box can easily produce enough flowers to attract bees.

Our learning resources are not just for use indoors. We have supported a forest school practitioner at a local primary school by donating gardening tools and bee-friendly seeds and plants that can be used in an outdoor classroom and support hands-on learning.

We also work closely with a beekeeper who has supported our resource pack and can work with schools on educational visits.

Why do wild bees need our help?

Did you know that bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem? You could call them VIPs in disguise (that’s Very Important Pollinators to you and me).

The problem is bees – especially the wild bees – are in a bit of trouble and their numbers are declining. Yet with some very small changes we can suddenly make a big difference to the bee population.

The problem is most of us aren’t aware of what to do.

That’s where schools can help. Feed the younger generation with information about bees, and they can take that knowledge and start telling their brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents to make a change.

Together we can spread the word on how to #beenoisy about saving the bees.

If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to request a FREE bee education activity pack for your school, give Flying Flowers a buzz at

Need to know
  • FREE educational activity pack and supporting teacher notes, including access to a range of additional bee-related resources
  • Content seamlessly aligns to areas of the current primary school curriculum, making it easy to be integrated within your lesson plans
  • Approved by headteachers and early years practitioners. We have collaborated with head teachers, forest school leaders, and bee experts to ensure that our information is factually correct and is of the most benefit to use in the classroom

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