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Deliver GCSE and A Level computer science with Craig ‘n’ Dave

Craig ‘n’ Dave

Craig ‘n’ Dave is a complete package for delivering GCSE and A Level computer science using a flipped-classroom approach.

It includes schemes of learning, workbooks, videos, model answers, end-of-topic tests, programming resources and more – no planning required!

Here, Craig Sargent, co-founder of Craig ‘n’ Dave (alongside with Dave Hillyard) and a teacher of computer science for 14 years, explains how Craig ‘n’ Dave can help computing teachers direct their focus to where it’s needed most.

What are the challenges of traditional teaching?

The traditional classroom environment requires teachers to stand at the front and impart knowledge.

With this kind of one-size-fits-all approach, learners are typically passive in the early stages of a lesson, reducing opportunities for student-teacher interactions – and the larger the class, the less some students may feel they can get involved.

What are students now doing for homework?

Homework tasks are usually given to students to help them reflect on what they have learned. The flipped-classroom approach turns this on its head, instead using homework to prepare students for the next lesson.

Computer science students can watch a video from Craig ’n’ Dave and, using the Cornell system of note-taking, bring useful notes to lessons and establish a baseline knowledge of the next topic.

What are students now doing in lessons?

Preparation allows students to hit the ground running and actively contribute from the start of the lesson.

Questions like, ‘What are we learning today?’ are replaced with,‘I understood that, but can you help me with this?’

Craig ‘n’ Dave resources facilitate self-starting lessons with students engaging immediately. Homework also becomes more purposeful for students, because their notes provide them with immediate support.

So, is this lazy teaching?

No! It’s a common misconception that a teacher using the flipped-classroom approach has nothing to do. On the contrary, teachers still play a vital role. They can now focus their attention where it’s most needed, correct misconceptions, deepen knowledge and undertake formative assessment.

Students who are able to progress on their own can do so, while students who need more support will benefit from the teacher’s increased availability.

What are the benefits?

With teachers now having to juggle extensive specifications and limited curriculum time, the flipped-classroom approach allows them to reclaim their time. Students have an increased confidence in what they are learning, having prepared ahead of the lesson, and can benefit from increased teacher interaction.

Students can also enjoy higher levels of independence, and take ownership of their own unique learning journey.

  • A video for every bullet point of the specification, providing full and detailed coverage
  • Student workbooks with model answers that double as knowledge organisers
  • Comprehensive flipped-classroom resources with everything included and all your planning done!

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Craig ‘n’ Dave

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