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Bug Club Phonics from Pearson

Pearson UK

Classroom must-haves

Bug Club Phonics is one of the DfE’s nine 2021 validated teaching programmes, and helps you get all children in your school reading by the age of six in a fun and accessible way. Bug Club Phonics offers a fully resourced systematic synthetic phonics programme based on a proven progression. The programme matches the National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals and can be used by those schools seeking a fully resourced scheme.

Encourage your young readers to continue developing their reading skills with beautiful artwork, humour, loveable characters, and books and topics they really want to read.

The Bug Club Phonics programme comprises 180 fully decodable readers and features on the validated SSP programme list provided by the Department for Education for teaching systematic, synthetic phonics, and is available for English Hubs funding.

Bug Club Phonics provides comprehensive lesson plans with embedded assessment and consolidation.

In addition to end-of-unit and phase summative assessments, appropriate and informal assessment opportunities are offered in the daily lessons and through fun games in the online world.

With online reading games, worksheets for writing practice, printable flashcards, books and eBooks to read, there’s plenty for your children to enjoy independently.

Have confidence in a reading programme that meets the Ofsted Framework guidance and provides a blend of print and digital resources to help ensure your pupils close any gaps in their phonics and early language development.

“Provides invaluable support to help busy teachers ensure they are effectively developing phonics… and having a lot of fun at the same time.”

John Dabell
primary teacher and trained Ofsted inspector

Need to know

  1. Designed to build children’s confidence and enjoyment of reading at the very start of their reading journey. Videos of well-known CBeebies characters are weaved into lessons and help to link the children’s home environment with school.
  2. Includes ready-made daily phonics lessons and follows the Letters and Sounds 2007 order, with embedded assessment and consolidation to help children develop their phonics skills and succeed in their screening check.
  3. Supports learning from home with allocatable phoneme and revision lessons by phonic set, quiz questions, phonics games and rewards in an online pupil world for engaging home learning.

See it in action

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