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30 Second Briefing

Designed for students aged 14 to 16, our Level 1 / Level 2 Cambridge Nationals complement GCSE choices and inspire your students to develop real-world skills. No matter where you are on your journey with us, we offer comprehensive support – from your initial enquiry to final results and beyond.

1. Planning, teaching and assessment

If you’re new to OCR, you can check out our specifications, sample assessment materials (SAMs) and switching guides on our website to help you get an overview of the qualifications.

Once you’ve decided to teach with us we have a range of free resources for you, including candidate-style answers, schemes of work, assessment guides and curriculum planners. All our resources can be found on our new, secure teacher website, Teach Cambridge (

Our qualifications are also supported by leading publishers, including Cambridge University Press and Hodder Education.

2. Expert subject advisors

Our dedicated subject teams are passionate about their subjects and are committed to supporting you to deliver our qualifications. They’re here to help you with any queries you may have about teaching our qualifications.

As a team, they bring together impressive teaching experience and assessment expertise to directly deliver the support you need to get the very best from your students. You can find out more about them at

3. Training and support

Our professional development programme has been designed to help you get to know our qualifications and deliver them with confidence.

Courses include ‘Choosing OCR’, ‘Ask the Examiner/Moderator/Subject Expert’, ‘Preparing for the NEA’, and ‘Preparing for the exam’. We offer free online, on-demand training for hands-on practice marking and moderating coursework.

Led by our subject advisors, our Teacher Networks provide fantastic opportunities for discussing your subject with like-minded colleagues, sharing ideas and building supportive networks.

“Our Teacher Networks provide fantastic opportunities for discussing your subject with like-minded colleagues.”

4. Help promoting your subject

To support you with your open days, parents’ evenings and options discussions, we’ve produced a toolkit for each of our Cambridge National qualifications. Whether you’re having your conversations face to face or remotely, we’ve an option pack for you to order or download.

Each pack comprises a Cambridge Nationals Student and Parents Guide, a Cambridge National Summary leaflet, course content leaflets and careers posters. Plus, there’s also a PowerPoint presentation you can download and tailor to your needs.

5. Regular fortnightly updates

To support you and keep you up to date with all the information you need, we send regular email updates containing administration guidance, important key dates, new or updated support resources, upcoming professional development opportunities, answers to key questions, and links to our latest blogs written by our subject advisors.

To find out more, call 01223 553 998, email or visit

Key points
  • There’s one re-resubmission opportunity for each of our OCR assignment units per year; these are released on June 1st and you can start using them straight away.
  • Discover all the key details you need to help you decide to teach with us at
  • All our Cambridge Nationals are on the KS4 performance tables for England.
  • You don’t have to teach with us to receive our updates; sign up at and we’ll send them straight to your inbox.


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