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5 reasons to try… Kings Camps

Kings Camps
30 Second Briefing

Kings Camps is an activity holiday camp experience like no other for both children AND teachers!

We’re passionate about getting children active, having fun and learning together. Our camps run across the UK in the school holidays, delivering an active, screen-free week.

We’re recruiting now for the summer, with managerial, multi-sports and Key Stage One coaching and swim roles available. Read on to find out more…

1. The Kings Factor

We’re all about ‘active coaching’ and giving teachers a very different leadership experience from within the classroom. You’re still responsible for children, but are there to ensure they have an active, screen-free week.

We want our staff to embrace having fun, to get stuck in, and to deliver activities with high energy. There’s no better feeling than seeing children be active, have fun, learn and form new friendships – that’s the Kings Factor!

2. Progression opportunities

Working on Kings Camps is great for a teacher’s career development, allowing them to gain wider experience in a different setting.

Our Camp Managers are the face of camps and are not only responsible for mapping out the daily activities, but also for motivating and managing staff, dealing with the on-site administration, managing safeguarding concerns, and being the face of camp to parents.

This experience has helped our staff to progress their teaching careers, gaining promotions into department lead roles… and even headships!

“Working on Kings Camps is great for a teacher’s career development, allowing them to gain wider experience in a different setting.”

3. First-class facilities

Forget a deflating football in a dusty sports hall, Kings Camps have access to some of the best sporting facilities in the UK. The camps operate at venues with top-of-the-range tennis courts, state-of-the-art pitches, climbing walls, swimming pools and more.

We coach and deliver every sport you can think of, so why not perfect your skills and enjoy the creative benefits the fantastic facilities bring?

4. Extra pay

In a world where prices rise every day, who wouldn’t want some extra income? Working at Kings Camps can pocket you an extra £535 per week (dependant on age and experience).

Summer pay will drop in your bank account in September, the perfect time to save for Christmas or for a last-minute getaway in October! With various contracts available, we’re confident you’ll have fun, learn, progress and earn money at Kings this summer.

5. Moments and memories that matter

Making memories is what matters most – we ALL remember those brilliant summer experiences as a child. Not only do we want you to be part of that for today’s generation, but we also want you to make your own memories along the way.

Each camp team feels like family; you’ll have fun and laugh every day – oh and you’ll get wet and pied in the face too, but it’s all in the name of fun! These moments are the memories that last a lifetime.

So, are you in? We’re recruiting now for summer 2023 with camps all across the UK. If you’ve got a minimum of six months’ experience working with children aged five to 17, we want to hear from you.

The details
  • Camps near you! Kings Camps run at 50+ venues across the UK in the school holidays.
  • You’re supported! Our staff aren’t just left to it: our regional managers and head-office teams provide support throughout. You’ll also receive full training with interactive online sessions and camp inductions with your team.
  • Development opportunities! We value our staff and support them in a number of ways – from ‘step-up’ opportunities and part-funded courses in paediatric first aid, to opportunities at head office and experience of working away from home, with military families.
  • The Kings Factor! We’re committed to giving a great experience, full of energy, actively coaching and being a role model to children.
  • Not-for-profit! We’re a registered charity with a mission to get children active, having fun and learning together.

    Kings Camps
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