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5-a-day Fitness

5-a-Day TV

What is it?

5-a-day Fitness is the ultimate fun fitness resource for primary schools. Increase daily physical activity with our online five-minute exercise routines, and two-minute chill-out routines. Many routines are available in French, Spanish and Welsh to help promote cross-curricular language learning. Simply watch, join in, have fun, get fit and learn!

5-a-day Fitness resources can be used at any time of the day to enhance learning with ease. There’s no teacher training required, no need to rearrange the classroom or change into PE kits.

5-a-day provides the perfect opportunity to get pupils up and active first thing in the morning, for a mid-lesson brain break, a refocusing tool, or to use up any excess energy they may have after lunch or break time.

Superheroes to pirates, jive to disco, these fun, themed resources can be used at any time of the day to enhance learning with ease.

Two-minute chill-out routines concentrating on relaxation, imagination, coordination and mindfulness are also included.

Access to the 5-a-day Fitness Pentathlon is included with every annual subscription.

Teachers and pupils can track progress and achievements, and assess pupil fitness year after year by participating in this easy-to-use multi-skills pentathlon.

Individual competitor and class physical education progress can be monitored at three different points throughout the year, whilst promoting intra-school competition.

Offered as a yearly package, subscribing schools get unlimited access to 5-a-day’s easy-to-use video-on-demand service.

Additionally, there’s a pupil home access add-on available (as an upgrade), allowing pupils and their parents to use 5-a-day Fitness resources at home, helping to keep them active after school, at weekends, and during the holidays.

“I love 5-a-day. It gives children a real boost first thing in the morning, making them more alert and ready for the day”

Rebecca Sloane
Primary school teacher

Need to know

  1. The routines and music are written by 5-a-day Fitness with school appropriateness in mind (music and media copyright licence compliant)
  2. Increase daily physical activity in your classroom with our online five-minute exercise routines, designed specifically to be shown on classroom screens. Two-minute chill-out routines and relaxation resources are also included.
  3. Easily track the pupil’s progress in PE. Using the 5-a-day Fitness multi skills Pentathlon, pupils can track their own progress

See it in action

Register for a 14-day, free trial at and use the code Teach25 to receive your special 25% off discount.

For more information call 07742 419 609, email or visit


5-a-Day TV

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