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8 of the Best Prefix and Suffix Worksheets and Resources for KS2 SPaG/English

Show primary pupils the unlimited potential of word power with these resources for prefixes, suffixes and root words...

  • 8 of the Best Prefix and Suffix Worksheets and Resources for KS2 SPaG/English

1 | Noun prefixes for Y3

This introduction to noun prefixes for Year 3 shows young children how adding prefixes to words changes their meaning.

They are tasked with adding prefixes to words then using a dictionary to find the new meanings, completing sentences by matching the correct prefix, writing a short passage that correctly uses three prefixes and more.

Get this resource here.

2 | Prefix word posters

These SPaG prefix posters are a great way of reminding Y3/4 children of the definitions of prefixes.

Each background cell contains a different prefix. The smaller cells contain words which can be trimmed and stuck onto a prefix background. The children can be involved in choosing which background to add a word to.

Alternatively, you could display the words already on the backgrounds, but display some incorrectly. The children can then be challenged to notice any words that are not on the correct background.

Trimmable example words are included, providing the opportunity to make this poster into an interactive prefix activity, which can be added to as you cover these prefixes in class.

Download it here.

3 | Prefixes worksheets for Year 4

This review mat for grammar, punctuation and spelling is an excellent way to revise and practise using prefixes.

The worksheets are divided into five different types of activity, including writing challenges and GPS sample test questions.

So, children need to match prefixes to words and give a definition, write sentences about images using the prefix specified, and add prefixes to words in sentences to change the meaning.

Find this one here.

4 | ‘Dis’ or ‘Un’ prefixes

This simple worksheet includes a list of root words like ‘agree’, ‘usual’, ‘fair’, ‘respect’ and ‘appoint’ and asks students to write whether the prefix should be ‘dis’ or ‘un’.

Download the question and answer sheets here.

5 | Prefix and suffix sheets

There is a whole bunch if printable prefix and suffix worksheets at teach-nology.com.

Try the adding long prefixes sheet, or
match the suffix meanings, or
go searching for root words.

Check out the full list here.

6 | Verb suffixes for Year 5

In these worksheets, students first need to add ‘ate’, ‘ise’ or ‘ify’ to a list of nouns and adjectives to make them into verbs.

They are also tasked with things like spotting incorrectly spelt suffix additions; trying to describe the spelling rules of adding suffixes; and using ‘ate’, ‘ise’ and ‘ify’ suffixes in their own short poem or story.

Find these worksheets here.

7 | Prefix crossword and wordsearch

Let your students loose on this crossword and/or wordsearch where the answers are all words that include prefixes.

Answer sheets are included.

Get this resource here.

8 | Balloon game

In this Flash Player game children control a balloon that is blowing through the desert. Using the mouse, they must move the balloon from side to side, collecting gems and avoiding cacti.

Then they will be given a prefix to match up with one of three root words in order to progress.

Play it here.

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