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National Children’s Bureau Launches Toolkit To Help School Leaders Tackle Mental Health

New guide and accompanying resources aim to assist schools in building on existing mental health provision and devising new initiatives

  • National Children’s Bureau Launches Toolkit To Help School Leaders Tackle Mental Health

School leaders can now avail themselves of a new self-assessment toolkit to help manage issues relating student mental health and wellbeing, courtesy of the National Children’s Bureau.

The 8-page document, ‘Whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health - A self-assessment and improvement tool for school leaders’, breaks down the process of rolling out pupil mental health and wellbeing support into four stages, in an effort to help schools build on their existing practices and introduce new initiatives. These comprise:

1: Deciding to act and identifying what is in place already
2: Getting a shared understanding and commitment to change and development
3: Building relationships and developing practices
4: Implementation and evaluation

According to Enver Solomon, Director of External Affairs at the National Children’s Bureau, “The toolkit is an accessible, easy to follow guide that will help schools improve the mental health and well-being of all pupils. We know supporting children and young people’s emotional health contributes to a positive academic environment. It can enhance attainment levels, reduce exclusions, and re-engage students who may have experienced problems.”

The toolkit and supporting resources are both available as free PDF downloads from the NCB website; for more information, visit www.ncb.org.uk or follow @ncbtweets

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