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NASUWT: Teachers’ pay in England ‘Akin To The Wild West’

  • NASUWT: Teachers’ pay in England ‘Akin To The Wild West’

A new survey by the NASUWT has found that 47% of teachers across England eligible for pay progression have either not received, or are yet to hear whether they will receive, a 1% annual pay award this year.

Based on the responses of just under 7000 NASUWT members, the survey further found that 47% of teachers said their schools did not make a copy of their pay policy available, while 29% were unable to access a copy of their school’s performance management policy. 35% reported their schools had yet to complete their performance and pay progressions reviews for 2014-15.

Other details included the finding that 59% of teachers had not been able to confirm time for CPD with their school at any point this year, and that 41% hadn’t had the opportunity to discuss their professional development priorities during their performance management planning.

Commenting on the findings, NASUWT General Secretary Chris Keates said, “It is unacceptable that a large number of teachers are not getting their pay award or face the uncertainty of not being given a decision over their pay. There is also a disturbing picture of teachers being refused the pay progression to which they are entitled.

“The Government’s introduction of excessive pay flexibilities and discretions for schools have led to pay chaos and uncertainty akin to the Wild West. It is unacceptable that over half of teachers have not received, or even had confirmed, that they will receive the pay award which was due on 1st September 2015. When teachers are treated in this way, is it any wonder that there is a recruitment and retention crisis?”

For more information, visit the NASUWT’s website or follow @nasuwt

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