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Mumsnet Survey Suggests Parents Split Over Government’s Grammar Proposals

Site users divided over whether or not increased school selection is a good idea

  • Mumsnet Survey Suggests Parents Split Over Government’s Grammar Proposals

According to a new survey carried out by parenting site Mumsnet, the government’s proposals to open more grammars have been welcomed and criticised by parents in almost equal measure.

Having canvassed the views of 1,057 Mumsnet users across England with at least one child, the site found that 37% of respondents supported the idea of increasing the number of grammar schools. 40% opposed it, while 23% were undecided. The topic of grammar schools has generated a considerable amount of discussion on the site, but little in the way of consensus.

Commenting on the results, Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts remarked that “After 10 years of near-permanent revolution in education, it seems we’re no closer to agreeing what a great schooling system looks like. The grammars debate touches on things all parents care about - opportunity, fulfillment and fairness - and it’s no surprise that it has aroused such a depth of feeling.”

Sample responses
‘I would like the option to send my very academic child to a grammar.’

‘How is it any different from having prestigious universities?’

‘All schools should offer an excellent education for all children.’

‘Non- grammar pupils would feel as though they’d failed.’

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