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Hashtag Watch – #WorldTeachersDay

Some of the tweets that caught our eye among this year's celebration of teachers the world over...

  • Hashtag Watch – #WorldTeachersDay

Today has seen people throughout the world giving heartfelt thanks to their teachers past and present – and many tweeting an endless series of education-themed inspirational quotes and memes.

We’ve had our eye on the Teachwire feeds since the start of this year’s World Teachers’ Day - an annual awareness-raising event that UNESCO has observed on October 5th each year since 1994. So how others seen fit to mark the occasion?...

Call to action

To start things off on a somewhat sober note, there was this observation by UNESCO themselves…

Valued qualities

Pearson has been busy canvassing the opinions of people in 23 countries to find out what qualities in teachers are valued most throughout the world. Apparently the full top 5 is as follows…

1. The ability to develop trusting, compassionate relationships with students
2. A patient, caring and kind personality
3. Professionalism
4. Subject knowledge
5. Knowledge of learners

‘Don’t take education for granted’

In among the inspirational visuals have been some more hard-hitting pictures, including this one posted by @beingbrilliant...

Beyond the call of duty

If you’re in the mood for some sardonic funnies, The Metro has compiled an entertaining list of those additional ‘jobs’ that teachers end up doing but rarely get recognition for. Among them, technician, cashier, child minder and (metaphorical) firefighter…

Things did indeed get better

The Royal Society has posted a series of tweets featuring various luminaries talking about their experience of learning STEM subjects at school. Among the highlights is this sweet story from Professor Brian Cox, about the physics teacher who helped him and a friend build a device for their electronic music progress. Who knows, maybe it’s Mr Galloway we ultimately have to thank for this...?

Never stop learning

#WorldTeachersDay saw action movie star Jet Li in reflective mode…

Lest we forget

Thanks for the reminder of our post-school afternoons in the late 80s, Auntie Beeb…

Go forwards

Now there’s some sensible advice, if ever we heard it…

But really, to all teachers everywhere – thanks.



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