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Get Inspired With These 8 Mark Making Ideas

There's lots of fun and exciting things settings can do to engage children with mark making – here are just a few examples...

  • Get Inspired With These 8 Mark Making Ideas

Sometimes, children don’t require much encouragement to start applying paints, water and other substances with their hands or any other implements that might be nearby; at others, they can sometimes use a little encouragement and some imaginative prompting.

As you might expect, there are myriad examples out there of impressive mark making approaches and activities – here are some of our recent favourites…

An early start

The staff of Leed-based Daisy Chain Childcare are evidently firm believers in getting children started with mark making early on. In this blog post, Training Manager Helen Stoner offers several suggestions for open-ended mark making activities suitable for babies and young children.
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Dinosaur swamp sensory writing tray

Mark making, messy play and dinosaurs can be combined to form an engaging literacy activity, as suggested by The Imagination Tree...
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Light and sand

You’ll find a number of mark making ideas and resources at the blog ‘Stimulating Learning With Rachel’, including this suggestion of using sand with a home-made lightbox and a downloadable set of mark making pattern cards
Download PDF here

Mark making, Reggio-style

Take a leaf out of the Reggio Emilia approach with this guide by Laura England on how a relatively straightforward mark making activity can be used to help develop children’s communication skills.
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Christmas sensory mark making

With the festive season fast approaching, it an ideal time to try out this Christmas-themed mark making activity suggested by early years resources supplier, The Consortium...
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Build a mark-making tepee…

From Pippa Pixley comes a brilliantly simple idea, albeit one requiring a fair amount of preparation, some spare floor space and quilting skills – constructing a tepee out fabric squares adorned with your children’s past mark making experiments…
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A mark making shed…

For something a little more permanent, why not re-purpose a wooden shed to serve as a dedicated mark making area? As this post at Early Years Careers explains, a mark making shed can really come into its own when situated outside…
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Or get rid of your writing area altogether…

And finally, a rather bold proposal from Alistair Bryce-Clegg – why have a mark making area at all? He makes the point that while destination areas are well-suited to creative activities such as painting and construction, basic skills such as mark making – are best practised as widely and as often as possible throughout your setting.
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