1 | Boost fraction knowledge with questions students can fully understand

We need to set tasks that require pupils to make sense of what is being asked of them, rather than simply reproducing a procedure, says Mike Askew, and that’s exactly what he’s done with fractions here.

Check out his ideas here.

2 | Fractions with paper pizzas

This lesson plan for lower KS2 introduces the concept of working out fractions of amounts, so might be a good primer if you teach younger children.

Download it here.

3 | Paper pizza questions

This five-page worksheet continues on the same theme, working out fractions of amounts using pizzas.

Get this resource here.

4 | Fractions of shapes and amount

Author: Plazoom

Designed for Year 2, these fractions of shapes and amounts worksheets offer a variety of problems helping children to recognise, find, name and write fractions ⅓, ¼, 2/4 and ¾ of a length, shape, set of objects or quantity.

Answer sheets are included too.

Get this resource here.

5 | Finding fractions of amounts

Author: Plazoom

You can then take things further with this Year 3 resource designed to let children recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects.

Get this one here.

6 | Fractions of amounts dominoes

Author: Claire Mooney

Simple as it sounds, this is a domino activity to find a fraction of an amount.

Download and print here.

7 | Ten worksheets

In these worksheets the child has to calculate the fraction of a number below 100. The fractions used in these questions all have a denominator from 2 to 10 and the answers are all whole numbers.

There are 10 for you to print, here.

8 | Eight more worksheets

Still want more? Here are another eight worksheets with answers for you to download.

Get them here.

9 | Crystal Crash

Crystal Crash works along the familiar lines of games like Tetris, Columns or Candy Crush (only without trying to charge you to keep playing), as you try to clear the crystals.

To do so, pupils need to answer fractions of numbers questions, and the vast array of difficulty settings makes it great for all pupils to try.

Play it here.

10 | Fractions of an amount treasure hunt

Author: David Morse

This activity requires students to calculate a fraction of an amount, where the numerator is always ‘1’, to find and decipher an encrypted clue to reveal where the treasure is hidden!

These question cards have been prepared in two sizes. The large cards can be pinned around around the classroom and used for a whole-class activity; the smaller (loop cards) can be used for group work or by individuals.

Download and print here.

11 | Fractions of amounts QR code scavenger hunt

Author: Little Sherbet Lemon

Make learning about fractions fun and engaging by using QR codes. This PDF features a 24-question scavenger hunt linked to fractions of amounts using QR codes. It’s great for revision of fractions of amounts in Year 4 and 5.

The ‘code’ has the fractions of amounts question so the student can scan the code, record the question (eg 6/7 of 42g) and answer to the question, and look for that answer.

Once they have the card with that answer they then scan that ‘code’ and continue with the same steps until they find all of the answers.

Give it a go here.

12 | Fractions of an amount loop cards

Author: David Morse

This set allows students to practise working out fractions of quantities when the numerator of the fraction is ‘1’.

Note that the questions have been carefully selected so that they provide good coverage of this topic and so that the opportunities for students to guess answers are minimised.

In this download there are four sets of similar cards and a student chooses one of the sets and sorts them into order by answering the questions. Then they try to do it faster using a different set, which has the same questions, but a different sort order.

Cut out card size is approx 65 x 90 mm.

Get this resource here.