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Autumn Budget 2017 – 15 of the Funniest School Reaction GIFs and Videos

The budget is here! Pay rises all round! Increased funding for all schools! Oh, wait. Nope. Apparently not

  • Autumn Budget 2017 – 15 of the Funniest School Reaction GIFs and Videos

When the budget was announced earlier this week, education was sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, not really at the forefront of the Government’s plans.

1. Some responded to the news poorly

2. Some with confusion

Teachers looking round the budget announcement like…

3. Some dealt with it with sarcasm

4. Some, with anger

5. Some, with a bit of both

6. And some didn't really deal at all

7. Recruitment crisis? What crisis?

So, moving forward, schools will be forced to get creative in finding new recruitment pools from which to source teachers and TAs.

8. Class size management

New furniture will be provided to make problems with increasing class sizes a thing of the past.

9. Multi-skilled teachers

Some may have to teach in circumstances for which they are less than qualified.

10. Staff morale

And others for which they are less than suitable.

Warning: Couple of swears in this vid

11. Teacher pay

Good news though, the government do expect to be able to raise wages, and will be dealing with individual cases in due time.

12. There will be a small delay

But teachers have been given some reading material as guidance to help with the wait.

Yes, that’s an existentialism joke

13. Standards may slip

14. Enthusiasm may wane

15. Splashing the cash

And at least the computer science teachers have been given some funding, and will be thrilled to be upgrading the old tech.

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