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6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

Spend less than £80 and get your hands on these excellent learning aids

  • 6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s no secret that funding in schools is extremely tight at the moment. If your budget has been slashed, you’ll be pleased to hear that these six resources are all at the budget end of the spectrum, each one costing less than £80. And because they all won a Teach Primary Resource Award in 2018, you can guarantee that you’re using the very best. Enjoy!

1. Key to The National Curriculum from B&C Educational

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

This programme provides primary teachers with planning and resources to deliver engaging geography lessons while keeping to the national curriculum. The resources focus on teaching geography through place, imparting skills and knowledge in a real context. It consists of a laminated A3 leaflet that opens to reveal a tabular overview of planning. Subject knowledge is provided so that non-experts can deliver lessons easily. A USB memory stick is also provided, containing copies of all the handouts, PowerPoints and teacher guidance. Available packs include Amazon Basin, California, East Anglia, South Wales and the Isle of Scilly, among others. £17.99 each, visit here.

2. Boson Kit from DFRobot

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

Boson Kit is a set of modularised electronic building blocks designed for young inventors and STEM educators. It has been designed to make it easy for teachers to deliver effective computing learning activities by offering an introduction to programming with micro:bit. The kit features more than 50 colour-coded electronic modules, including sensors, actuators, logic gates and more. The components are magnetic and can be attached via mounting plates to LEGO blocks, Velcro, screws or whiteboards. They connect together via flexible cables with three-pin headers, so no soldering is required. Each kit also comes with a quick start guide including diagrams and sample codes. It’s on Amazon for just shy of £60 here.

3. Botley™ the Coding Robot activity set from Learning Resources

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

Botley™ is designed to teach hands-on STEM skills to children as young as five, providing hands-on exposure to fundamental coding concepts in a fun way that helps pupils learn through play. It is screen-free and doesn’t require the use of a smartphone or tablet. The robot navigates using advanced obstacle detection, looping commands and if/then programming logic and it’s possible to programme up to 80 steps. It’s available for £79 here.

4. TomTag from Orkid Ideas

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

TomTag toolkits are a quick and easy way for teachers to create personalised visual schedules and timetables for pupils. A large choice of symbols are provided on water-resistant stickers so there’s no need for any time-consuming printing and laminating. With a unique click-in button and tag system, it’s easy to make timetable changes, ensuring children can be prepared for and reassured about exactly what’s happening in their day. TomTag is portable and robust and perfect for pupils who benefit from a visual approach to learning. From £3, visit here.

5. Authorfy

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

Authorfy works in partnership with the children’s publishing industry to connect children to their favourite authors and teach literacy skills in a way that appeals to the YouTube generation. It creates ‘author masterclass’ videos featuring writers talking about their approaches to writing, giving tips and advice and setting writing challenges. The videos are short so are easy to fit in schools’ busy timetables. Authorfy also creates six-week cross-curricular schemes of work around chosen books. These includes links to comprehension, composition, creative writing and cross-curricular opportunities. A school subscription costs £59.99 for 12 months here.

6. Box of French: Je Suis Préhistorique! from Ideas Education Ltd

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources that Won’t Break the Bank

This resource is a series of nine half-hour French lessons designed for non-specialist teachers to deliver to Y3 learners. It aims to complement the ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ section of the KS2 history programme of study and uses Stone Age cave paintings and tools and Iron Age jewellery to teach beginner learners about colours, nouns and gender in French. The resource contains detailed lesson plans, a Powerpoint presentation and all necessary resources such as worksheets and flashcards, as well as suggestions for extending the learning. Audio is also provided to support non-specialist teachers. The box is also available in Spanish. Buy it here for £24.99.

Find out more about the winners of the Teach Primary Resource Awards 2018 here.

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