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17 of the funniest festive GIFs for Christmas play season in schools

Preparing for your end-of-term show? Party planning for Christmas? Don't worry, we've got all your dos and don'ts GIF-wrapped for you...

  • 17 of the funniest festive GIFs for Christmas play season in schools

Christmas, it’s a time for fun, caring, togetherness, giving, all of those things and more.

But if there’s one thing you must remember this, and any other Christmas, it’s this…

Showing up on your best friend’s door to declare your love to his new wife who you stalked with your creepy video edit of their wedding day while simultaneously ripping off Bob Dylan is not, and will never be, romantic.

It’s awful. Truly, truly awful.

But anyway. There are plenty of other things to remember too, especially when it’s time to put on a big end of year show.

Whether it’s a traditional nativity, something more modern and stylish or just an end-of-term dance, there are a number of things to bear in mind when putting it all together.

So as our Christmas gift to you, we’ve compiled this festive GIF guide, with some little add on videos as stocking fillers, to help you prepare for your school’s seasonal show.

Your reaction when asked to take part

Your reaction when you’re told to take part

So you give it a go…

And finally you settle back on…

Make sure to fact-check the script

And double-check the stage is secured

Be gentle with your criticism

Even if the performance looks a bit like this

Stay calm when rehearsals go awry

And do what you gotta do to get through it…

Well…within reason

Don’t overdo it on stunts

Or budget

Remember, not everyone has the same festive spirit

And that it’s a season of giving

Remember to have fun

And finally, just let the kids enjoy it and express themselves

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