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12 things you’ll notice about winter in school

When it's freezing outside, and more than likely freezing inside, these are the things all teachers will be all too familiar with either side of the Christmas period, says Ian Goldsworthy...

  • 12 things you’ll notice about winter in school

1 | It’s not surprising that you can get your tongue stuck to a frozen lamppost. It is surprising just how many children can do it in one play time

2 | A surprise fire drill on a chilly winter’s morning; kids and teachers outside in short sleeves, SLT in triple thermals

3 | Using the day the school boiler breaks down as a chance for an impromptu whole-school re-enactment of A Christmas Carol

4 | Forget Torvill and Dean; teachers crossing an icy car park with a bag of books in each hand is the real dancing on ice

5 | The sun tan in January suggests that little Timmy may not have been off with the flu last week like his parents suggested

6 | Break duty in November feels like going for a walk which may be some time

7 | In the depths of mid-winter using group work to share learning/body heat

8 | Winter is a time for sitting inside drawing pictures of beautiful, crisp snowflakes while dirty, brown sludge accumulates outside

9 | A pale moon in a sunny sky means refusing to let the kids in after break until they have correctly identified it as a waxing gibbous moon

10 | Every time you have to lecture the children about not having snowball fights another little part of your inner nine-year-old-self dies

11 | That feeling on a Sunday night when you look at the weather forecast and realise it’ll be wet play all week

12 | You: huddled in the corner of the classroom under a blanket and twenty layers of chunky, woollen knitwear. That one boy in your class: still strutting around in his shorts

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