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12 Things All Primary Teachers will Notice Coming Back to School this September

Ian Goldworthy runs through the perennial questions that crop up each new school year, like 'What's that new smell?', 'How is my classroom a bombsite already? and 'Who on earth is this kid?'

  • 12 Things All Primary Teachers will Notice Coming Back to School this September

1 | Tears, screaming, holding on with a vice-like grip – some parents really find it hard to let their little ones go on the first day

2 | The sinking feeling in an NQT’s stomach when they realise on the 1st September no summer fairies have set up their classroom for them

3 | History has great heroes, but the person who remembered to restock the staff room with tea and biscuits in advance of the first day back may be the greatest of them all

4 | Mentally dividing the class into those children who had a better holiday than the teacher and those that didn’t

5 | If the days are supposed to get shorter in the autumn, why does every day in September feel so long?

6 | Books labelled? Check! Seating plan set? Check! Everything finely calibrated and ready to go? Che- Wait! Three new kids!

7 | Ah, I see you’ve all returned in new uniform and none of you thought to label it over the summer…

8 | So many songs about the joys of long, hot summers with no school; no songs about trudging back in on a grey and blustery autumn morning

9 | That book corner you spent all summer organising, cataloguing, and curating – not gonna last the first day back

10 | There’s nothing as awkward as when you can’t remember the name of the child who is giddy with excitement to see you again

11 | Without fail, a rain-drenched August will be followed by a sun-soaked September as soon as the first child returns to school

12 | Fresh paint or sweaty child – which smell will have won by the end of the first day back?

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