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12 Primary Pupils you’ll Never Forget

From the ones that made you laugh, to the ones that made you scream, to the ones that made you cry (or maybe the ones that did all three!), Ian Goldsworthy rounds up the most memorable primary pupils...

  • 12 Primary Pupils you’ll Never Forget

1 | The one who could never keep their shirt tucked in, even if staples were applied

2 | The one who beat you in a sprint even though you really tried (but pretended like you weren’t)

3 | The one who sang with the tunefulness of a box of paperclips falling down the stairs

4 | The one who fainted halfway through a sex ed lesson

5 | The one who called you ‘mummy’, at parents’ evening, in front of their mother

6 | The one who came back on work experience and thought it would be ‘cool’ to call you by your first name

7 | The one who always wore shorts, even in weather direct from Siberia

8 | The one who could tell you how many tiles were on the ceiling but not the last thing you said

9 | The one who spelt their own name incorrectly on the SATs paper

10 | The one who let you pronounce their name wrong for an entire year

11 | The one who made a card declaring you to be their ‘second favourite’ teacher

12 | All the ones who made you cry on your last day with them

Ian Goldsworthy is a Y2 teacher at Manor Lodge School, Shenley, Hertfordshire. Follow him on Twitter at @ian_goldsworthy.

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