What will students see and do?

Operation Wallacea, or Opwall, is part of the Wallacea Trust which runs research expeditions. Opwall’s expeditions can take you to different countries to join conservation, biodiversity and geography field research. Students will work with a team of global scientists in a field environment, with the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects.

This programme is primarily designed for those working on undergraduate or masters degrees. However, they run a special programme for groups of sixth-form students. There are many benefits to studying abroad and getting that head start early in life could give students an edge in university applications. Perfect for pupils taking biology, geography and environmental science courses.

Students can choose from three areas of interest: Marine, Terrestrial, and Terrestrial & Marine. In this way, students can somewhat customise their experience, and can choose locations that they are most interested in.

Opwall operates research expeditions in 17 different countries and areas. These are the Bay Islands, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Transylvania, Borneo, Fiji, Indonesia, Peru, Croatia, Galapagos, Madagascar, Portugal, Dominica, Guyana, Malawi, and South Africa. Students can choose expeditions that are one or two weeks long.

During their time on the research expedition, students will receive specialised skills training, practicals in field research, and academic lectures. Depending on the region chosen for your expedition, the research will differ. For instance, in Transylvania students can study the most diverse wildflower meadows in Europe or the largest population of brown bears in Europe. If travelling to Ecuador the Galapagos, students will have the chance to study the Amazonian rainforest and Neotropical forest species.

Teaching resources provided

Educators will be provided with resources to disseminate to their students such as datasets.

Emails explaining the details of the trip can be forwarded to parents, and resources for trip preparation ideas are provided.

Minimum and maximum group size

The maximum group size is generally 8 before another teacher is required to join. If the group is less than 8 then the educator will need to join for 50% of the cost (if the group has 8 people then one teacher can accompany for free).

Details of risk assessment

All the expeditions provided by Operation Wallacea meet the requirements of BS8848 Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventures outside the UK (self-declared).

Opwall has been awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom badge for taking students on overseas expeditions.

Teachers must ensure that all students have required vaccinations and any applicable PADI diving forms signed.

The cost of an Opwall expedition includes travel insurance. You can find further details about health and safety on their website.


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Facilities on-site

Due to the fact that the expeditions take place in a range of locations, facilities will vary greatly. At the camps, adequate bathrooms and sleeping arrangements will be available.

Opening times

The UK office is available for queries via call or email all year round.



The cost varies greatly depending on the type of expedition, where the students will be flying from, and the overall size of the group. As such, there is no set cost that can be pointed to and Opwall should be contacted directly.

Travel arrangements

Depending on how your school has gone about booking with Operation Wallacea for school trips abroad then the travel arrangements may be a part of the expedition package. This means Operation Wallacea will provide its own quote that includes all international flights, local travel once on the ground, and other expedition costs. For non-fully inclusive expeditions, such travel arrangements will likely need to be made by the group leader.

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Book your school trip to Operation Wallacea Limited

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