England Rugby Travel

What will students see and do?

England Rugby Travel is the official travel agent of the Rugby Football Union. As such, they provide some of the most involved and impressive sports tours, training courses and residentials to a wide variety of age groups and types of people.

What your students will see and do will depend on the type of program you choose and how you tailor it with England Rugby Travel’s guides. Playing tours are available for girls’ and boys’ school teams, and it provides expert travel guidance for those who want to watch professional matches.

With a tour there will be various rugby matches arranged for your students to participate in, but they will also receive first-class training and will be able to put their newly learned skills to the test.

All trips and activities can be tailored to different age groups and abilities.

Teaching resources provided

While England Rugby Travel does not provide lesson plans or worksheets, the trip is customisable, and can itineraries can be fitted around your curriculum.

It also provides tips for fundraising if you would like to have your students participate.

Minimum and maximum group size

There is technically no minimum or maximum size group, if you’re simply watching a game. But obviously a rugby tour will require enough players to put a team or teams together.

Details of risk assessment

There is naturally some risk involved with a contact sport like rugby, so travel insurance that covers this will be required when in order to book. Contact the company for details on specifically what this needs to account for so that your students are fully covered.

England Rugby Travel is ABTA and ATOL protected, meaning your students are in good hands.


Don't miss our downloadable A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

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Facilities on-site

The facilities on site will vary depending on what kind of tour you are looking to have. In most cases, you will be assisting in the choice of accommodation so you can find what suits your students’ needs the best. The rest of the tour is also customisable, and England Rugby Travel will also work with your needs.

Opening times

Get in touch with the company for details on contact hours while you are on a tour.



The price per pupil will vary depending on the type of programme that you select and on the season.

Travel arrangements

England Rugby Travel provides 25 years of experience for UK school trips. They work to assist you in sourcing the best accommodation and form of travel on an as-needed basis.

Since the tours are so customisable, there is a need for most aspects to be tailor-made based on the goals you have for your students. England Rugby Travel is there for every step of the process to help your students have the best experience.

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Book your school trip to England Rugby Travel

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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