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Tackle big subjects and inspire your students with Usborne’s For Beginners series

Usborne For Beginners series

Do we have free will? Who decides what is legal? Can economics save the planet? Tackle all these questions and more with Usborne.

Usborne For Beginners series

What is the For Beginners series?

Usborne’s For Beginners series serves as an insightful resource for secondary students choosing their subject options and a shelf essential for any enquiring minds who find themselves pondering the big questions about the world around them.

Written in consultation with leading subject experts, each book focuses on ‘big idea’ topics, aiming to inspire and excite students to learn and discover more about these subjects.

With a mix of infographics, comic strips and colourful illustrations, each book conveys complex subjects simply, without having to use too many words or long, off-putting paragraphs.

The focus of each book is what the subject is actually about, rather than getting bogged down in text-book style details.

As well as explaining the basics, these books also explore the cutting-edge of their subjects. What are the problems that people today are trying to solve? What are the questions that have no clear answers or simple solutions?

The series encourages debate, presenting students with questions and ideas for them to consider and discuss. The For Beginners series are not only books for students, they are also a great tool for classroom discussion, lesson planning and curriculum aides, not to mention a fantastic primer for teachers and parents who may find themselves wondering just how to explain what ‘economics’, ‘politics’ or ‘philosophy’ are actually about.

And, of course, they’re perfect for those searching for a way to answer that age-old question, “What’s the point of learning all this maths…?”

Key features

  • Each book is created in consultation with a leading subject expert
  • Illustrations on every page, including infographics and comic strips
  • Detailed glossary
  • Encourages debate
  • Explains what the topic is, why it is interesting, and what problems remain to be solved
  • Each book is standalone, introducing key subjects

Current titles in the series

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