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How technology can capture pupil voice effectively

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In recent years, there has been an increased recognition of the critical role played by mental wellbeing in improving academic performance.

However, in spite of these advancements in educational psychology, methods for tangibly and measurably implementing this knowledge – and therefore boosting results – have been lagging behind. 

What schools need now is a scalable, comprehensible, and actionable solution that enhances their understanding of students’ needs and leverages this knowledge to drive measurable improvements in both academic attainment and well-being.  

FORESIGHT: Technology eliminating guesswork 

This is exactly the aim of FORESIGHT, the AI-driven assessment by Performance Learning.

The assessment, targeted at students in years 5–13, provides educators with the means to understand their students’ state of mind and translate this data into concrete insights and actionable follow-up strategies. 

The FORESIGHT assessment is built on over 10 years of rigorous research that has revealed that three core factors influence academic performance: perception, behaviour, and ability. 

  • Perceptions – how students perceive themselves, their school environment, and their work 
  • Behaviours – whether they have a routine and diet conducive to productive work 
  • Skills – the ability to retain and recall information. Put simply, knowing how to learn, not just what to learn. 

Given the critical importance of having these in place, FORESIGHT is able to pinpoint exactly what every student’s strengths and areas for improvement are so that they are set up for success.

It’s therefore unsurprising that we regularly receive comments about the assessment’s insightful results, such as the following:  

“When we reviewed our decision to use the Performance Learning programme, all staff were unanimous in their opinion that these would lead to pupils dramatically improving their emotional literacy and academic readiness and assist us to plan strategic interventions and support.” Glyn Gardiner, head of computing, Strathallan Prep School 

“FORESIGHT is able to pinpoint exactly what every student’s strengths and areas for improvement are so that they are set up for success.”

Data-driven decision-making 

On top of providing deep insights into every student as an individual, the assessment brings together the data gathered from every student in a cohort to provide a bird’s eye view of the cohort’s needs as a whole, whether it be a Year 11 or Year 13 cohort desperately in need of some intervention ahead of their exams, or some Year 7s who you can set up for success early.

This collective insight empowers staff to focus on the most important and urgent needs of their cohort. 

Students are categorised into alert levels, ranging from high to low, based on their responses in the assessment. Based on these alert levels, a dedicated action plan can be designed to prioritise the needs of a given cohort. 

“The system is able to provide rich data which allows us to create bespoke programmes to really support our students where they need it most. Thoroughly recommended.” Chris Edwards, headteacher of Brighton Hill Community School 


In a world where informed decisions drive success, Performance Learning’s FORESIGHT assessment can set schools up for success. 

To discover how Performance Learning can empower your institution for academic excellence, book a quick chat with the Performance Learning team today.

Let’s equip your teachers, support your students, and prioritise success with actionable data at your fingertips. 

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