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To tackle the growing climate crisis, we need to move away from fossil fuels and embrace electrification.

A crucial part of this journey is bigger and better batteries. We need them to be a sustainable storage solution to ease our energy transition.

Take Charge, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s global battery experiment, is suitable for students aged 9–14. So far, over 4000 young scientists have participated, and more than 2000 coin batteries have been made.

By taking part, you will:

  • explore the science behind batteries
  • discover what makes them a sustainable storage solution
  • find out why they are a crucial part of tackling the energy crisis

Choose your investigation

On the website you’ll find a choice of two different investigations.

Investigation 1 can be done anywhere and uses everyday materials, while investigation 2 should be done in a lab and requires a voltmeter and different electrolytes.

For each, you’ll find detailed instructions, additional resources and teacher notes to make the whole process straightforward.

Not just an experiment

There’s also a range of commitments that your students can sign up to – for example, they could become energy savers by committing to turning off lights and devices, smart travellers by cycling to school or low-waste heroes by recycling batteries and repairing damaged tech.

There’s even a place where you and your students can contribute your own energy-saving ideas.

We hope you enjoy taking part in the RSC’s global experiment for 2022!


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