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The Smart Revise course companion – used by over 80,000 students and teachers, and proven to raise attainment – is now available for GCSE Edexcel Business 1BS0.

Smart Revise is an online course companion containing hundreds of original exam-style questions that help teachers recast revision as a continual practice throughout the course. Unique to Smart Revise are algorithms that address the forgetting curve and encourage mastery of core concepts.

The latest Smart Review content focuses on the Edexcel 1BS0 course, enabling it to be used for baseline assessments, end-of-topic tests, homework assignments, to identify learning priorities, for interventions, low-stakes quizzing, mastery and even online mock exams.

Smart quiz

Students often forget what they have learned over time. Smart Revise presents them with their own personalised, spaced, diagnostic multiple-choice questions that are interleaving and encourage mastery of the core principles of business.

Teachers can give students control, or opt to gradually increase the available content.

Smart terms

These are more than simply electronic flashcards. In ‘reflective mode’, students RAG rate their understanding of subject key terminology. In ‘interactive mode’, students are challenged to write definitions.

Both modes will present teachers with a rich set of analytic reports that are ideal for baseline assessments and topic reviews.

Smart advance

Smart Revise features more than 450 original exam-style questions and 11 case studies (with command word help and guided marking for students) written by experienced teachers.

These are accompanied by mark schemes carefully curated by a lead examiner, to ensure that students are encouraged to frame their answers correctly.

Smart tasks

Questions can be set using the categories of ‘Quiz’, ‘Terms’ and ‘Advance’, with teachers able to track completion and record outcomes while reviewing and analysing their students’ performance.

‘Quiz’ uses algorithms to automatically select questions based on prior performance, while ‘Tasks’ allows teachers to set the same questions for all students.

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