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5 reasons to try… Smart Revise

Craig ‘n’ Dave
Student using Smart Revise on tablet

Smart Revise supports computer science students and teachers, helping to raise attainment by redefining revision as a continual practice throughout the course – not just at the end.

Smart Revise is a course companion and sandbox assessment system built to address the forgetting curve, enabling students to retain more knowledge over time.

1) Careful curation

Students can access hundreds of multiple choice, short- and extended-answer questions independently, or join a class where teachers can direct their learning by expanding content throughout the course.

Smart Revise content is carefully curated to ensure an exact match with each point of the specification, taking the subtle nuances of every individual course into consideration.

After each examination series, the content is adapted to ensure a perfect fit going forward.

2) Personalised low-stakes quizzing

Smart Revise silently adapts to each student, presenting them with their own unique, never-ending playlist of multiple choice questions based on their current understanding.

With a focus on continually revisiting taught material, low-stakes quizzing has a remarkable effect on addressing the forgetting curve over time, helping students remember more of the fundamental knowledge they need to excel in their examinations.

Smart Revise is ideal for lesson starter activities and homework.

3) Encouragement of mastery

Smart Revise calculates which aspects of the course each individual student needs more practice in, and will focus on those areas.

A progress bar shows the student how close they are to answering a question correctly three times in a row and mastering it.

However, because the question set adapts dynamically, a student cannot know when they will be asked the same question again. Even when a question is mastered, it will occasionally reappear to confirm retention.

4) Identification of learning priorities

Discover the top ten least- and most-understood questions. Drill down into topics and focus on the misconceptions that Smart Revise has automatically identified.

Use class matrix reports to identify topics that need to be revisited and individual students who may need more support.

Smart Revise incorporates a complete range of question types and can be used in many ways – including for baseline assessments, end-of-topic tests and even online mock exams.

5) Time and money savings

Smart Revise saves teachers time by automatically creating and marking differentiated, personalised quizzes.

Additionally, teachers can set the same multiple choice and extended-answer questions for whole classes in under five minutes using the simple task creation wizard – which allows for easy submission of answers electronically, with no printing or photocopying required.

There’s no need for teachers to upload their own content or class lists, while innovative reporting allows teachers to focus their interventions without engaging in complex data analysis.

Key points

  • Harness Smart Revise’s in-built algorithms and personalised course content – including a never-ending list of low-stakes quiz questions – to help students beat the forgetting curve
  • Use hundreds of original extended-answer questions throughout the course, complete with command word help, guided marking and model answer videos
  • Smart Revise isn’t a crowdsourcing platform – all content is carefully curated by a select team of experienced, practising teachers and examiners
  • By signing up for a free trial at, you can get to try out all of Smart Revise’s features for yourself today, using a small question set with your students

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