What is it?

Phonic Books, a specialist publisher of decodable books, offers highly structured and engaging reading books that will complement any phonics programme. Designed by dyslexia and reading specialists, Phonic Books publishes a wide range of books and workbooks for young beginner readers and older, struggling readers.  Approved by the DfE, our books have been resubmitted for validation.

Phonic Books reading series combines engaging, motivating stories and illustrations with step-by-step phonics.

Young, beginner readers can read the Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers series, and enjoy multiple books at each level for children to consolidate and retain the phonics they have learned.

Our unique range of decodable books for older, catch-up readers offer age-appropriate decodable books that older pupils will want to read and engage with.

These series, which include fantasy and adventure genres, are ideal reading materials to fill the missing skills gaps that many children have experienced in the last year.

Workbooks offer fantastic catch-up resources for additional reading support.

“Eight students in my Y2 class are currently reading the ‘That Dog!’ series. They love them, especially the boys, and are so engaged.”

Need to know

  1. Decodable books to complement any programme.
  2. Age-appropriate series for older, struggling readers.
  3. Pick-and-go workbooks for further reading support.

See it in action

To see the reading series in Action watch the video here.

For more information email [email protected]ks.co.uk or visit phonicbooks.co.uk.