What is it?

Learning Beyond the Classroom is an exciting new qualification intended to help those working within a school environment to understand the benefits of outdoor education, how to facilitate learning and deliver activities beyond the classroom. It aims to break down boundaries, empower educators and get children learning outdoors

The Outdoors Group is well-known in the outdoor education industry for its passion and commitment to making outdoor learning accessible for children from every background and walk of life.

The benefits of taking learning outside are innumerable, from better academic results in the classroom to improved self-confidence, teamwork and independence.

The Outdoors Group is excited to be able to further this work by offering the brand-new Learning Beyond the Classroom qualification.

It wants to enable schools and other traditional educational establishments to take the lead on their own outdoor learning and get their pupils out of the classroom and into nature.

By training up their own staff and teachers, schools won’t need to rely on external companies to be able to have this valuable resource at their fingertips.

This Level 3 qualification is regulated by ITC First and has been developed with the most up-to-date research and methods in mind.

In the post-covid era we are entering, now more than ever, outdoor learning is becoming a relevant and important part of many schools’ routines.

Scotland and Wales have already issued strong mandates about outdoor education and England is sure to follow.

The Outdoors Group is experienced at working with schools of all sizes and with limited amounts of outdoor space so get ahead of the curve, join us and leave the classroom behind!

Book before October half term for the February 2021 course and receive 10% off with the code EARLYLBTC

Need to Know

  1. The Outdoors Group is an experienced and well-known outdoor education provider and training company with almost a decade of training and real-life experience behind it
  2. Increasingly, schools are seeing the benefits of outdoor education through external companies and are keen to be able to enable their staff to deliver it first-hand – this will enable them to do it!
  3. Learning Beyond the Classroom is a brand-new qualification with the most current research and standards applied to be able to spread the skills required for outdoor education in every school, no matter their situation

“The team have played a crucial part in the development of outdoor learning at Blundell’s Prep. In short, they have been fantastic!”


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