What is it?

The STABILO EASYoriginal handwriting pen is the first pen designed by scientists to have a specific grip for left or right handers, it’s also approved by teachers and loved by children. It is a part of a complete handwriting range from STABILO called EASY Start which are designed to make learning to write EASY.

The STABILO EASY Start range of writing instruments are all designed by scientists to help improve children’s handwriting by encouraging the recommended tripod grip from the very start of their learning to write journey.

Writing specialists say that learning to write is one of the key aspects of a child’s development, but it can also be one of the most challenging.

The STABILO EASYoriginal has been designed to help make learning to write easy, with its moulded grip zone uniquely designed for both left and right handers it manages finger placement to encourage the recommended tripod grip.

It also has an arched tail to rest nicely in children’s hands in a relaxed position to prevent muscle fatigue.

The STABILO EASYoriginal pen is also kind to the environment as the pen is refillable with either black or blue ink, its sturdy nib means that it will not break or bend under pressure, and nor will it get scratched or blot.

What’s more, each refill comes with a brand new nib, meaning the handwriting pen always stays fresh and there’s also no mess during a change over.

The STABILO EASYoriginal handwriting pen is also linked to the STABILO Pen Licence and is the official pen of this scheme.

The scheme was set up in 2016 and since then STABILO has sent out over 65,000 free Pen Licences to teachers.

In UK user trials 95% of teachers approved the use of STABILO EASYoriginal pens in their schools

Need to Know

  1. The STABILO EASYoriginal is the first ergonomic rollerball specially designed for left handed writers or right handers.
  2. Its moulded grip zone is made from non-slip material which helps develop the recommended tripod grip.
  3. The official pen licence pen. Approved by UK teachers for handwriting in school.

“This made a tremendous difference to my son’s handwriting as he has trouble holding normal pens and pencils correctly. He tried several types and this was the best. Would highly recommend for any children who have fine motor skills problems.”


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