At a glance

  • Complete coverage of the art curriculum with an easy-to-follow scheme of work
  • 100+ teacher videos to develop subject knowledge and confidence
  • 70+ pupil videos, demonstrating skills and techniques
  • Overview of progression of skills included
  • Outcome snapshots and knowledge organisers for all topics

Kapow Primary provides accessible support for teachers across non-core subjects, helping schools to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. The Kapow Primary team comprises educational experts and former teachers and this is shown in the quality of its resources.

From the outset, the art and design resources exude quality. The package is comprehensive, comprising lesson plans, resources and live modelling videos.

You can pick up the resources and use them out of the box, whether you’re a subject specialist or not.

The units focus around making, meaning that the emphasis throughout is on the practical elements of art and design.

Students are exposed to numerous different approaches to creation, including painting, drawing, printing, crafting and creating 2D and 3D art.

What is most striking about the Kapow Primary offer is that it is so broad, meaning you can adapt the learning to suit those in front of you without the rigidity of having to follow laborious lesson plans.

At their core, Kapow Primary’s art and design resources are inspired by a diverse range of real artists and craftspeople who are experts in their trade.

This is instantly evident when you see the videos and modelled resources. In effect, you have an art expert in the classroom with pupils, meaning you can act as a facilitator or add your own expertise if you choose.

It is the inclusion of the experts in the creation of the videos that makes these resources so pertinent in the current climate.

Kapow Primary has ensured that the spring term content is distance-ready, so to speak. This responsiveness doesn’t just add value to the resources; it highlights the ability of the Kapow Primary team to adapt to the needs of teachers.

As with any form of learning, there needs to be foresight of the next steps.

Alongside the highly creative ideas, the art and design package has a curriculum-based underpinning. Students are introduced to formal elements such as colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone, as well as being given knowledge of artists’ work and techniques.

This is imperative for progression to KS3 and beyond.

A final feature of the Kapow Primary art and design content is the embedded reflective and evaluative encouragement. The lessons and resources encourage pupils to look at their own work and think about what they are doing.

Although subtle, the emphasis on self-efficacy builds independence and adds to the wider value of the package. The peer-based reflection is also a nice touch and builds a sense of collaboration for learners.


  • Exceptional breadth and depth
  • Videos add an extra element of functionality and value
  • Easy to navigate and integrate into planning
  • Clear presentation of content that can be used to supplement teaching or as full units
  • Real emphasis on progression in skills and understanding
  • Lesson plans that show clear progression, with presentations and additional resources

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Reviewed by Adam Riches