What is it?

Maths Mastery gives pupils the ability to feel confident in their understanding of maths and fluency with numbers. Improve the maths fluency and grade attainment in your classroom – our products suit all ability levels across KS1 and KS2.

Bring Maths Mastery to life with our quality, durable range of place value products to help instil maths confidence and fluency in pupils of all abilities in your classroom.

From the fundamentals such as counting forwards and backwards, writing numbers up to 20, and place value and number facts, the place value range from Hope Education gives you the tools you need to reach every child in your classroom and meet their needs and skill level.

Establishing strong foundations for Maths Mastery is crucial and as pupils progress through their education, the basics learnt in KS1 are invaluable for success not just in future schooling, but also in life chances beyond education.

Children learn through concrete and pictorial representations and kits such as our award-winning Multilink, Place Value Arrow Cards and Counters make this exploration something they can work on as a group and by themselves.

Learning maths facts using manipulatives doesn’t have to be stale. Items like our Hundreds, Tens and Units Dice can help children establish a more pronounced level of fluency through individual play, partner activities and classroom games.

Plus, with the Hope Education blog packed with ideas on how to bring Maths Mastery to life in your classroom, there has never been a better time to look forward to a maths lesson.

Read more about Maths Mastery and Place Value in your classroom on the Hope Education blog at blog.hope-education.co.uk. Order online, or by phone, with free delivery on orders over £25

Need to Know

  1. An award-winning classroom favourite, Multilink (£59.99 for 500) is perfect for early concrete learning and can be used for place value and fractions.
  2. Place Value Arrow Cards (£25.99) are a classroom essential for learning place value. They are hard-wearing and can be used across multiple classrooms and year groups.
  3. Our Hundreds, Tens and Units Dice (£49.99 for 60) are colour-coded to help pupils explore counting and develop a strong number fluency. They are perfect for singular and group learning.

“Our Multilink and Hundreds, Tens and Units Dice can be washed and disinfected between uses. Our Place Value Arrow Cards are wipe clean”

Gemma Simpson
Hope Education maths buyer


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