Support teacher wellbeing and career progression with this holistic programme…

30-second briefing

The NAHT and Discovery Education Pathway programme brings a fresh approach to CPD by offering a blend of personal and professional development courses for teachers and leaders. It is a holistic programme that supports the continuous professional empowerment of teachers and leaders in today’s schools.

1 | Experience on-demand CPD

We don’t think CPD should be ‘done at you’. We think it should be an enjoyable and empowering experience that develops self-efficacy through constant reflection.

Pathway’s courses are like no other.

We’ve worked with leading practitioners and subject experts to develop courses that take on issues or topics and present a variety of roundtable discussions, interviews and reflections, asking three questions throughout: what are your thoughts and feelings?; what action could you take to improve?; what positive impact will this have on you and your pupils?

2 | Look after yourself

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Maintaining positive health and wellbeing should be a priority for teachers but it often isn’t. We sometimes forget our own wellbeing as we seek to support those around us.

Written and presented by leading wellbeing experts Professor Tim O’Brien and Dr Dennis Guiney, Pathway’s unique and in-depth wellbeing programme helps you develop a better understanding of wellbeing and the importance of critical reflection.

Take proactive steps to stay positive, healthy, motivated and reflective in your work.

3 | Get exceptional advice

A constant source of anxiety for many teachers and leaders is how to find the right policy, the latest guidelines or accurate dates for submitting data. Staying organised and abreast of the latest changes and requirements will help you to feel positive and in control.

Powered by NAHT experts with many years’ experience in talking to teachers and leaders, the Pathway Advice Hub provides high-level information on news and changes, keeps you up-to-date with the latest policies and procedures and includes a powerful FAQ section.

4 | Find your motivation

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We all know that motivation is important, but to engage motivation we first have to understand exactly what it is, and is not.

Our Guide to Motivation helps you to understand its nature and what motivates both you and those around you. It helps you to recognise your unique desires so you can stay inspired and build motivation across your team.

With this knowledge the plan becomes your starting point for change in both your personal and professional relationships.

5 | Identify your ambitions

Having a clear sense of direction can help us stay focused and aspirational.

Pathway’s bespoke Career Map, designed with the help of experienced educators, helps you to identify where you are now and where you would like to get to – not only in terms of your professional goals, but also your wider interests and health and wellbeing goals.

Then self-assess your strengths and areas that may need further development using our Skills Audit mapped against the Teachers’ Standards.

Pathway also includes an audit based around leadership competencies.

Key points

  • Pathway comprises a virtuous cycle of three main stages, Orientation, Navigation and Reflection, all designed to keep teachers and leaders on course in their careers.
  • Courses are authored by the UK’s leading education experts, including Andrew Hammond, Hywel Roberts and Debra Kidd.
  • The Pathway programme is delivered online so you can progress through the materials at a time and pace that suits you and your needs.
  • A licence is £395 per person, per year (ex VAT). Discounts are available for multi-user school subscriptions and NAHT members.

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