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9 free maths mastery worksheets for teaching KS1/2 times tables

Take a mastery approach to teaching the times tables with these 9 worksheets…

by Teachwire
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1 | Two Times Table

Use this maths mastery worksheet to teach children the 2 times tables. The questions are carefully ordered so that children’s understanding builds as the lesson progresses. Pictoral examples move children on the abstract concepts, and there are deep and challenging questions for pupils to consider.

2 | Twos and Fours

Help children develop a deep understanding of both the two and four times tables, and the connection between the two, with this worksheet. There are problem solving activities to stretch thinking and each section of the worksheet builds on the last.

3 | Three Times Table

From simple opening exercises, this three times table worksheet moves on to increasingly more challenging activities. Children will have to spot mathematical patterns, create their own patterns and explain their understanding using pictures and words. It’s a carefully structured resource for providing children with a deep understanding of maths.

4 | Threes and Sixes

Teaching the 3 and 6 times tables begins on this worksheet with completing number sentences that match the pictures. From here, KS2 children move to drawing their own images that match their own equations. For assessment, they must write a letter to their teacher that explains how knowing your three times table helps you with your six times table.

5 | Four Times Table

Children’s understanding of the four times tables is carefully developed over the course of this maths mastery worksheet for KS2 pupils. There’s plenty of practice for multiplication, and more stretching maths problems besides, including word problems and some simple algebra. It will challenge children to think and goes beyond rote learning of the times tables.

6 | Five Times Table

This resource for KS2 moves children to a deeper understanding of multiplication and times tables, moving them from pictoral to abstract examples. The start of the worksheet addresses the basics, before leading children through to more advanced thinking and challenges. There are word problems to solve and questions that will stretch more able learners.

7 | Fives and Tens

Get children to create number sentences that match the pictures, then ask them to see if they can spot any patterns. Using this KS2 worksheet enables children to deepen their understanding of both times tables and multiplication. They’ll have to show their understanding by creating their own word problems, based around what they have already learnt. There’s lots of scope for discussion too.

8 | Six Times Table

By following the carefully ordered activities on this times tables worksheet, children will gradually develop and strengthen their understanding of the 6 times table. It uses a maths mastery approach, starting with simple picture problems and building to much more challenging activities – a great challenge for KS2 pupils.

9 | Ten Times Table

This worksheet can be used to take children’s understanding of the 10 times table to a deeper level. It begins using pictures to establish the basics and from here takes pupils through to solving word problems and simple algebraic equations. There’s practice at spotting patterns too.

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