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6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

Get your hands on these excellent learning aids without parting with a single penny

  • 6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

It’s no secret that funding in schools is extremely tight at the moment. If your budget has been slashed, you’ll be pleased to hear that these six resources are all completely free. And because they all won a Teach Primary Resource Award in 2018, you can guarantee that you’re using the very best. Enjoy!

1. Discover the UK Parliament from UK Parliament

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

This guide will teach children aged seven to 11 about the different people who work in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They will also find out what happens during an election. Packed with facts, games and learning activities, this book challenges pupils to think about the difference between rules and laws, and how they can get involved with their UK Parliament. The booklet is available in English and Welsh and can be downloaded, along with supporting teachers’ notes, here. Alternatively, order a class pack of 30 copies for free.

2. The Peer Mediator Coordinator’s Training Manual from CRESST

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

This resource enables staff to train volunteer young ‘peacemakers’ to be skilled and confident enough to run a peer mediation scheme. Older children use a five-step process to support younger children to find their own solutions to resolve friendship fallouts and playground disputes. Schools report a reduction in breaktime incidents needing resolving, a calmer atmosphere and improvements in some children’s attendance, achievement and behaviour. Get it here.

3. Pupil Parliamant from A Tale Unfolds in collaboration with UK Parliament

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

Created with the Houses of Parliament, this ten-lesson resource shows your KS2 class how they can make a difference while writing and videoing their own speeches. Lead your class through the process of creating a news report while taking a societal issue to a Member of the Lords and an MP. Then, your children become MPs themselves; writing and delivering their own parliamentary speeches. The resource is available as a digital download here and consists of interactive whiteboard files, stimulus videos and images.

4. Super Movers from BBC Learning

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

Super Movers is a partnership between the BBC and the Premier League to inspire children to get active and enhance their learning. The ‘Brain Booster’ videos are designed to help teach a range of literacy and numeracy concepts and are all linked to the UK curriculum. Familiar faces from football, TV and music feature in the routines and topics covered include homophones, adjectives, algebra, fractions, times tables and lots more.

5. Online resources for primary geography from Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

The Royal Geographical Society has recently redeveloped its website to create a dedicated area for primary geography. It contains 90 free schemes of work, subject knowledge animations, fieldwork support and curriculum planning documents. All materials are linked to the requirements of the national curriculum and focus on supporting enhanced levels of subject knowledge appropriate for the age range and non-subject specialist background of many primary teachers. Find them here.

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6. Premier League Primary Stars Maths Attax from EdComs

6 Completely Free Award-Winning Primary Resources

These free resources use the popularity of Topps’ Match Attax cards to engage pupils in algebra and equations through the power of football. Children learn about equations, algebra and using letters to represent an unknown through the inspiring context of Premier League player statistics. As well as the main activity, this pack includes a starter idea to get children moving, a film and a quiz. By the end of the session, children should be able to solve one-step equations using letters to present ‘unknowns’ with integer solutions and construct and solve one-step equations with a whole number solution. Get it here.

Find out more about the winners of the Teach Primary Resource Awards 2018 here.

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