The National Holocaust Centre and Museum – Days to Remember

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Take Leo’s journey with us.

The Journey is an award-winning exhibition designed for primary schools and the only one of its kind in Europe.

Pupils will visit the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton, Nottinghamshire, and follow the story of a young Jewish boy from 1930s Nazi Germany to safety in England via the Kindertransport.

Our educators will empower your Key Stage 2 pupils to:

  • Experience a Holocaust survivor sharing their inspirational story on film or in person.
  • Explore the nature of choices, identity and what it means to belong.
  • Challenge ideas, perspectives and stereotypes.

What makes the day special?

Leo’s inspirational journey unfolds in seven rooms each designed to reflect the time and a key point in his story.

“The whole journey that you go on – the work educators do, the way they talk to the children, the artefacts – it’s hands-on, something that the children will never forget. I cannot recommend it highly enough”

Melanie Evans, assistant head, Wynndale Primary School

Pupils will be immersed in another time and place completely free of text labels and with the focus on age-appropriate sensory learning.

“Since I’ve heard the story about Jewish people and how others were treated, I wouldn’t judge people by their disability, religion or the colour of their skin”

Primary school pupil

This is immersive, investigative learning with lightbulb moments; it’s experiential, not just theory, which makes the day truly special. Pupils leave feeling challenged and inspired, but don’t just take our word for it.

“Studying the Holocaust is very relevant for children as a platform for lots of cross-curricular work. It makes them question and think about other issues”

Pat Thompson, assistant head, Wynndale Primary School

Pupils learn to

  • Investigate ideas
  • Think critically
  • Stand up against hate

Top 3 experiences

1. Learn from Leo
Watch video excerpts from his diary.

2. Step back in time
Be immersed in historic rooms and examine artefacts.

3. Witness testimony
Watch footage of an inspirational survivor’s story.

Click here to see full details about Leo’s Journey, and to book head to the booking form here. Alternatively, email or call 01623 867 650.

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The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

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