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Packed with fabulously enriching resources for igniting interest, nudging understanding and inspiring interaction…

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  • Exclusive chemistry resources, lesson plans, events, funding and discounts
  • Access to online professional development courses and Regional Education Coordinator support
  • Invitations to exclusive local events
  • National and regional newsletters
  • Includes a free bi-monthly Education in Chemistry magazine

Inspirational teaching begins with teachers with a passion for their subject. But it comes from other places too, which is why support from a subject society is an absolute essential for any specialist teacher.

If you are a chemistry teacher or technician then can I urge you to waste no time whatsoever and sign up for Teach Chemistry membership, offered by the esteemed Royal Society of Chemistry. There is no charge and there is no limit on the number of people from your school who can join.

This is the place to help you deliver inspiring lessons and create an effective and enabling department at your school. Teach Chemistry do this by focusing their support on eight themes of good practice, four within the classroom and four within your department.

This in itself is impressive and has been carefully thought through.

For the classroom, Teach Chemistry wants to support colleagues to feel confident in class, feel confident in providing high-quality and meaningful practicals, make chemistry relevant to students and to give them all equal opportunities to learn.

To make this happen, membership of Teach Chemistry includes access to a Curriculum Explorer, an expansive collection of useful resources mapped to the curriculum so you can find the resources you need.

Beyond this, there are over 1,000 resources elsewhere to discover, including plenty of online quizzes, screen experiments, practical videos, interactive simulations, practical handouts and worksheets.

Delve further and you will find remote teaching and post-lockdown teaching support, starter activities, classic experiments and demonstrations, global experiments, investigative projects, challenges, competitions, special projects, cross-curricular chemistry, links to research, recommendations and quality benchmarks.

For nurturing a supportive and successful department, Teach Chemistry will help you to create a culture of open communication and collaboration, promote staff wellbeing, explore development opportunities and build links within and beyond your school.

To bring these things about, Teach Chemistry provides an online area for easily sharing resources, complimentary Royal Society of Chemistry membership for one staff member to provide access to member-only wellbeing events and career advice, free professional development courses and the opportunity to apply for up to £700 to organise your own local chemistry event.

Their on-demand professional development offer gives free access to nine courses, designed to give an in-depth understanding of key concepts in teaching chemistry.

This is an incredibly rich mixture of digital assets and paper-based resources that are truly supportive of everything you are doing in and out of the class.

Become a member and you also get a Welcome Pack with three classroom wall charts, a periodic table poster, lanyard and some information cards with top tips for getting the most out of your membership. This is a goldmine.


  • Support and enrichment personified
  • A time-saver, workload wonder and wellbeing friend
  • Packed with fabulously enriching resources for igniting interest, nudging understanding and inspiring interaction
  • A magnificent source of ideas and inspiration for improving your own provision
  • A real treasure trove of expert advice, ready-to-use resources and links galore

Upgrade if…

You want to deliver high-quality, engaging chemistry lessons within a supportive science department, stay at the forefront of your profession and be part of a vibrant, diverse and dynamic professional community. The Teach Chemistry service is completely free to schools.

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