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Review – Radix TeacherView

Radix Technologies
At a glance
  • State-of-the-art distance learning platform
  • Designed to help teachers support students’ learning in the classroom, at home or a combination of both
  • Includes sophisticated classroom management and video conferencing capabilities
  • Features a host of collaborative tools, including file sharing, virtual whiteboards, survey/poll distribution and electronic hand-raising

Over the last two years, schools have had to develop resilient remote learning and hybrid learning models to meet the challenges of Covid.

Yet while many schools adapted successfully, a significant number had to resort to emergency responses that were somewhat improvised and glitchy in practice, making for solutions that were far from being seamless replications of the classroom environment.

To avoid getting caught out again, and to prevent the need to juggle multiple platforms, now is the ideal time for schools to take stock and improve their remote infrastructure, so that pandemic or no pandemic, they can provide effective and consistent learning experiences, both in-person and at a distance.

Enter TeacherView by Radix – a slick, cloud-based learning management system that efficiently facilitates collaborative remote learning. It enables teachers to set and co-ordinate all the devices they use via one central platform; monitor students’ desktops in real time; virtually ‘walk between’ students; discreetly assist any learners who might need help; respond silently to electronic hand raises; oversee both one-to-one and group collaborations; and monitor class attention levels.

Where Radix TeacherView really excels is by giving teachers control at all times, allowing them to teach with confidence, maximise learning and assess as needed, while minimising distractions and ensuring that no time is wasted on managing the technology itself.

Teachers can use the system to easily share virtual interactive whiteboards, collaborative websites, surveys and quizzes, and optionally interface with Google Classroom.

Students’ remote screens can be viewed as a gallery of thumbnail images there and then, making it easy to monitor what individual students are doing at that precise moment, and remotely intervene in their activities as required.

It can also give teachers control over video playback during shared viewing experiences, permit, block or lock certain apps, and transfer and collect files – all at once, should you need to.

Keeping students on task and applying your school’s device usage policies has never been easier. Simply select the system’s ‘kiosk’ mode, and students will be restricted to focusing only on the content you want them to view.

When judging the effectiveness of distance learning, most will measure three key educational outcomes: access, quality and equity.

Radix TeacherView meets all three with aplomb, all but eliminating the need for teachers to learn and integrate multiple platforms, while fostering easier communication and saving plenty of time in the process.

Radix TeacherView plugs all the gaps and covers all the bases when it comes to distance learning, enabling teachers to simultaneously present both a compelling ‘front of house’ presence and that crucially important ‘over the shoulder’ supporting role.

You’d be hard pressed to find a similar platform that can do as much as Radix TeacherView.

It effortlessly combines classroom management, video conferencing and learning management in one neat, dynamic platform, for the best possible teaching and learning experience.

The right edtech can make a big difference; by investing in Radix TeacherView, you can be confident that the difference made will be both positive and huge.

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Reviewed by John Dabell

  • Provides a robust learning and support infrastructure
  • Optimises learning for every student, thus helping to increase engagement
  • Can be used to monitor learning in real-time
  • Ensures a consistency of experience by keeping all learners on the same page at the same time

Upgrade if...

You’re looking for an all-in-one remote classroom management solution that will give you the operational agility needed to maintain a resilient learning continuity, and allows for easy, seamless switching between in-person and remote learning approaches.
Radix Technologies

Radix Technologies

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