5 things to do at… Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces

Choose from four fascinating sites and a range of interactive school sessions to help your students get hands-on with history…

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1. Visit incredible palaces

With 1,000 years of evidence to interpret, Historic Royal Palaces’ interactive sessions for KS3–5 are designed to encourage students to delve deeper, consider historical concepts, and engage in discussion and debate in the very spaces where history happened.

2. The Tower of London

Investigate the Tower as a hotbed of protest and rebellion, consider the consequences of religious turmoil during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and examine primary evidence to complement the study of the Wars of the Roses and Henry VIII’s reign.

3. Hampton Court Palace

Using contemporary sources and the Palace buildings, study the English Reformation, the rise and fall of Thomas Wolsey, and the impact that changes in religion, the monarchy and global culture had on the stability of Tudor society.

“From September 2024, discover how Kensington Palace’s monarchs played integral roles in the development of the British Empire.”

4. Kensington Palace

From September 2024, your students can discover how Kensington Palace’s monarchs – William III, Queen Anne and George II – played integral roles in the development of the British Empire.

5. Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Uncover the pivotal role the Castle has played in modern Northern Irish history, discover natural and manmade habitats in the Gardens, and explore the Castle’s collection of art and objects to create historically inspired textile designs.

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