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Review – KS3 Geography: Heading Towards AQA GCSE

Oxford University Press Geography
At a glance
  • Supports an articulate and knowledge-rich curriculum
  • Topical and relevant content for building geographical knowledge and understanding
  • Mapped to the KS3 PoS and the AQA GCSE specification
  • Supported by online customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools

A new, engaging KS3 course to prepare you for AQA GCSE geography…

High-quality geographical teaching and learning resources can make a world of difference to the experience of this vibrant discipline – and so, to help students think, write and speak like a geographer, Oxford University Press has produced a brilliant new student book for those heading towards AQA GCSE.

The book is split into two themes – the geography of the UK and the geography of the wider world – and spreads over 12 topics.

Each of the chapters is carefully designed to offer maximum engagement and interest; the content and activities are arranged to develop skills of analysis and critical argument, and a broader sense of context and empathy, by getting under the skin of real and controversial issues.

The pages are extremely well designed, with a plethora of colourful images and photos used to illustrate vital concepts and topics.

What students will learn is clearly signposted, along with the key skills covered.

Every topic is filled with engaging content to hook students’ interest, such as real-life stories and significant events – supported with ‘Did you know?’ tidbits and key terms to develop vocabulary and literacy.

A range of challenging activities will test knowledge and understanding, promote independent investigation, and provide stretch; these are tasks that really make students think and help them make connections, predict outcomes, solve problems and appreciate different attitudes and values.

There are dedicated skills activities throughout, which encourage students to be an active geographer through completing a graph or drawing a map.

There is also at least one opportunity per topic to participate in and practise fieldwork; a challenge activity for doing research; and a skills focus unit for practising specific geographical techniques.

To complete the book there are three ‘How to…’ sections that focus on helping students get to grips with map, graphical and statistical skills. The book is also available online via the publisher’s dedicated platform, Kerboodle.

This rather impressive resource includes differentiated activities, and a variety of tools that let students annotate their book.

This is a superb, up-to-date resource that offers an exciting and stimulating way to study the earth’s landscapes, peoples, environments and places.

It encourages questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues affecting the world and people’s lives, and effectively supports progression to GCSE.

For more information go to and follow on Twitter at @OxfordEdGeog and Facebook at @OxfordEducationUK.

Verdict Reviewed by John Dabell
  • Rich and eye-catching page content and accessible language
  • Effortlessly incorporates quality digital resources
  • Strong content mixed with intelligent skills-based activities
  • A brilliant blend of ideas, approaches and assessment opportunities

Upgrade if...

You are looking for a modern and balanced course to provide students with strong foundations and skills practice to prepare them for study of the GCSE specification.
Oxford University Press Geography

Oxford University Press Geography

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