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Engage students and put the curriculum into context with a full-colour map of Russia.

One of the most recommended books amongst geography teachers, Prisoners of Geography captures the imagination of students and enriches their understanding of the wider world.

Written by former Sky News Diplomatic Editor Tim Marshall, its storytelling style inspires students to look beyond their textbooks and supports a thoroughly holistic approach to the geography curriculum.

Use Prisoners of Geography and the sequel Power of Geography to:

  • Build a picture of the wider world with compelling and concise chapters, each one focused on a particular country or region.
  • Enhance your teaching of the National Curriculum with inclusion of core topics including globalisation, shaping places, superpowers and migration. Download a free editable mapping grid to learn more.
  • Explain in clear terms the direct impact of physical geography on human geography and how this shapes an area’s past, present and future.
  • Use the texts as a springboard for inquisitive students eager to broaden their understanding and develop independent enquiry.

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