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BBC Bitesize is refreshing its KS3 core subjects, by launching 100+ new guides covering English, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics – all linked to the KS3 curriculum and designed to be interactive, engaging and to support students’ progress through their KS3 journey.

1 | New step-by-step guides

As schools open their doors for the new school year, BBC Bitesize is here for teachers and students with hundreds of new and updated KS3 interactive guides to support learning, homework and revision and help support progression.

The guides are authored with expert teachers and will cover English, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics – all linked to the KS3 curriculum – with Maths to follow. This is our first drop of new content with more to be published throughout autumn and spring terms.

2 | Interactive and engaging

The new guides include quizzes, interactive activities, videos and succinct written material to support students at all stages of the Key Stage 3 journey.

Our new format presents content in easily digestible chunks with increased interactivity to keep students engaged. For example, students can explore the kingdoms and cultures of precolonial Africa with brand new animation and activities in History and explore sustainable food production with interactive Geography activities.

3 | Structured content

The new KS3 subjects include step-by-step and structured content to support progress from Year 7 through to Year 9. And brand-new Bitesize courses help to guide students through the content and make links between topics.

For example, Challenges Facing the Planet in Geography and Writing in Response to Poetry in English. Across KS3 Science subjects, new Working Scientifically guides like Planning an Experiment are aimed at Year 7 and they are woven into Science courses to help students revise and link practice with theory.

4 | Interactive games

There are brand new interactive KS3 games available for History and Science.

In History Detectives, students travel back in time and explore President Kennedy’s Oval Office, a factory in the industrial revolution and a Tudor cargo ship. By analysing and evaluating the evidence they find, students can help uncover some of history’s burning questions.

Available later this month, the Atomic Labs game allows KS3 learners to try out experiments across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Designed by teachers, players work with a helpful AI robot to record their findings and sometimes make things explode.

5 | More content coming soon

We will be adding more guides to English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology throughout the autumn and spring terms. Once complete, our materials will have the broadest and most diverse topics coverage across our core subjects.

Look out for new KS3 guides and courses for Maths too which will be added during this school year. Keep checking back as we will be publishing more content as soon as we have it.

  • BBC Bitesize offers educationally approved, curriculum relevant self-study and home-learning resources which are used by 76% of secondary students.
  • As we start the new school year, BBC Bitesize is here for teachers and students with online learning for all students.
  • To access the new KS3 subjects visit the BBC Bitesize homepage and click on Secondary.
  • To keep up to date with news and updates about BBC Bitesize, check out the BBC Bitesize social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


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