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Bedrock Learning

Close the word gap and transform the culture of your school into a place where language matters…

At a glance

  • Average student improvement is 32% (post-test versus pre-test scores)
  • Optimum progress can be made with just 40 minutes’ learning each week
  • Teachers get unlimited support from a dedicated account manager at no extra charge

An aspirational and immersive curriculum

Our online literacy and vocabulary curriculum, Bedrock Vocabulary, immerses students of all abilities from Y3 upwards in the academic Tier 2 language they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Its 99 cross-curricular fiction and non-fiction topics include ‘Wacky Weather’ and ‘The Vikings’, and for older learners, ‘Malala’ and ‘The Berlin Wall’.

GCSE learning schemes

Students in Y9 to Y11 can also benefit from our interactive GCSE learning schemes. These cover all assessment objectives and equip students with the vocabulary they need to understand and respond to the range of texts they will encounter during their GCSE studies.

An online knowledge organiser ensures learning is easily tracked and actively reinforced.

Clear impact reporting

Our impact data is emailed to you weekly, for viewing in your dashboard at any time. It’s easy to track the language development of your students and monitor their progress, both on an individual level and in terms of group trends – ie whole classes or segments, such as SEN or Pupil Premium.

Tracking for students and parents

All student accounts include an online knowledge organiser that shows words they have learned and are currently learning. Each student account has a linked parent account, at no extra cost, enabling parents to get weekly progress updates themselves that will support consolidation of their child’s new vocabulary at home.

Request your free 30 day trial from here. Alternatively, call 020 3325 9345 or email


Bedrock Learning

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