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A brand-new KS3 English course that inspires awe and wonder in the classroom and beyond

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With high quality, diverse and representative texts and themes at its heart, Oxford Smart Quest makes English relevant, engaging and inspiring for all KS3 students.

1. Relevant and inclusive texts and themes

Oxford Smart Quest brings together high quality, diverse texts from contemporary and classic writers with relevant resources, themes and activities, to ensure English is engaging and inspiring for all KS3 students.

Students are encouraged to use their own experiences and ideas to understand texts from different cultural backgrounds, helping them to develop their identity as readers, writers and communicators.

2. Develop vocabulary and oracy

A focus on expanding students’ tier 2 and 3 vocabulary is embedded throughout Oxford Smart Quest.

Source texts have been carefully chosen to expose students to a wide range of vocabulary, while ‘Boost your vocabulary’ activities challenge students to use more sophisticated language in their own writing – thus enabling them to express themselves and approach their learning with confidence.

3. Supports metacognitive learning

Metacognitive strategies are embedded throughout Oxford Smart Quest to promote student independence and help to develop self-regulated learners. Students are encouraged to become self-aware during the reading, writing, speaking and listening processes.

“Metacognitive strategies are embedded throughout Oxford Smart Quest to promote student independence and help to develop self-regulated learners.”

4. A flexible solution that saves you time

Carefully designed to support specialists and non-specialists alike, Oxford Smart Quest gathers all the curriculum resources you need in one place, including an integrated CPD programme, freeing up your time and making it simple to deliver creative and effective lessons.

5. Assessments to spot misconceptions

Throughout Oxford Smart Quest, skills and knowledge are revisited in fresh and different ways, and in different contexts, to help with intervention and enable teachers to support students where needed.

Regular low-stakes assessments will test students’ knowledge and help to consistently identify any misconceptions and gaps in their understanding before they move on to the next topic.

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Hear what schools have to say…
  • “The biggest impact we’ve seen so far is students’ use of vocabulary. They aren’t just learning the definitions, but using the words in their writing as well.” Head of English, King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys
  • “The selection of texts are wide, varied and the children really enjoyed them. We’ve had really great discussions!” KS3 English coordinator, Claremont High School
  • “English teachers have a huge amount of marking to do, so to know these have been self-marked, and that we’re then able to see where, as a class, our strengths and weaknesses are, is huge.” Head of English, The Hayling College
  • “It’s a colourful, bright and vibrant resource, and contains prescient materials that pupils relate to, so [they] are becoming really passionate about the lessons taking place.” English teacher, St John Fisher and Thomas More Roman Catholic High School
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