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5 reasons to try… Money Confident Kids presented by T. Rowe Price

Money Confident Kids resources

Equipping young people with practical skills and know-how to set goals and confidently plan their financial futures… 

Following a successful launch in the US, global investment firm T. Rowe Price has launched its free financial education programme, Money Confident Kids, here in the UK.

The programme equips young people aged 11-16 with the skills and knowledge they need to set goals and plan for confident financial futures. 

1) It has cross curricular linked modules  

Findings have shown that only 48% of the UK’s young people receive a meaningful financial education1. That’s why T. Rowe Price designed the Money Confident Kids programme to link directly to the curriculum, helping you to deliver impactful finance-focused lessons.

With links to the maths and PSHE curricula, the programme concentrates on financial wellbeing, as well as financial topics like setting goals, budgeting and investing.  

2) It’s future facing and aspirational   

Setting financial goals and planning how to get there can seem remote and unachievable for young people, who especially in today’s climate, may feel pessimistic and disengaged around planning for their financial futures.

Money Confident Kids invites them to explore financial topics through the eyes of a relatable young character called Nikki, developing their knowledge and skills as they help her navigate topics like financial goal setting, decision making, investment and inflation.

Your students will see how the choices they make today can help them achieve their financial goals in the future. 

3) It includes detailed educator support and guidance 

While topics like inflation, asset allocation and investing are important for young people to understand, they are also complex and ‘remote’ topics that can be hard to contextualise.

That’s why each module in the programme contains detailed educator guidance to aid you in lesson planning and delivery.

All the activities are packaged together in a Teacher Guide and Student Workbook, and the Assessment section that follows each module embeds learning and ensures students have got to grips with the topics covered. 

4) It’s flexible to meet your needs  

The flexible nature of the programme means that you can pick and choose which module to start with based on your teaching priorities and class’s needs.

For instance, if you are working with Y7s, it might be a good idea to start with modules one and two that focus on goal setting and decision making.

However, older or more advanced students may benefit from modules three, four and five which cover inflation, investment and diversification. 

5) It has a relatable story-based approach 

The programme follows Nikki and her family as she journeys through education and into the world of work, setting financial goals and putting plans in place to achieve them.

This story-based approach gets students to put themselves in Nikki’s shoes and apply their new knowledge and skills to her situation – a great way to contextualise their learning and understand how to apply it in their own lives. 

Download the resources for free 

Explore and download the full suite of resources at no cost, and start equipping your students with the practical skills and know-how to confidently plan their financial futures.  

  • Since 2009, Money Confident Kids has reached 13.5 million people in the US, and now T. Rowe Price have tailored their free resources just for UK educators
  • The step-by-step financial education programme gives young people the skills and knowledge to build a confident financial future
  • It consists of five easy to follow modules that cover goal setting, decision making, money and inflation, asset allocation, and diversification
  • Each module helps young people understand key financial decisions and how they are associated with the timeline ahead of them 

Find out more at or email  

1 The Children and Young People Financial Education Innovation and Evaluation Programme, Money and Pensions Service, March 2022

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