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UK Parliament Teacher Ambassadors

What is the UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme? 

A unique opportunity to progress in your career as an accredited partner of the UK Parliament Education and Engagement Team.

It includes an immersive 3-day training experience at UK Parliament. It is fully funded and open to all teachers across the UK who want to grow their confidence in teaching about topics such as politics, democracy and active citizenship.

During this training, you will explore how to develop your learners’ and colleagues’ knowledge of UK Parliament, and how you can actively engage with the work that happens here. 

What do teachers think of the programme? 

Since its launch in 2006, Teachers’ Institute has trained more than 1,200 teachers from all parts of the UK, giving them skills and knowledge of UK Parliament to share with their students and colleagues.  

The course was excellent – a fantastic introduction to Parliament with practical advice to make it real and meaningful for my students and my school. The programme personalised the work of Parliament and demonstrated how to make democracy accessible to young people across the UK. I am excited to take this on as a new Ambassador!”   

Teacher Ambassador, 2018

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What else can UK Parliament offer me and my school? 

UK Parliament’s award-winning Education and Engagement Service offers a wide range of free resources and services for secondary school teachers and school children, linked to the UK curricula. 

These include free teaching resources, workshops for schools, CPD opportunities for teachers and special events such as the annual UK Parliament Week festival.

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