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KS2 MFL lesson plan – Use games to learn colours in Spanish

Key Stage



Years 3-6


Explore patterns and sounds of language through rhymes and link them with meaning, says Lisa Steven…

Words for colours are easy to use in isolation and it’s quite simple to play games with them. For example, you can point to objects and ask in Spanish, ¿De qué color es?, playing ‘Toca algo que es…’.

That familiarity can be employed to meet some of the PoS requirements, including listening attentively to spoken language and joining in and responding, exploring patterns and sounds of language through rhymes, and linking the spelling sound and meaning of words as well as broadening their vocabulary and developing their ability to understand new words, including through using a dictionary.

What they’ll learn

  • To use colours in new contexts
  • To read aloud using phonic knowledge and rhyme
  • To identify and sort words according to phoneme
  • To create similes in Spanish
  • To use reference materials to write a poem following a model

KS2 MFL lesson plan – Use games to learn colours in Spanish

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