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Deputy Headteacher Date Posted: 20 November 2019
Windsor Close, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 0QT
£ £44,106 to £49,937 per year
Full-time only.
Closing date: 2nd December 2019

Job description

Pickwick Academy Trust is looking to appoint a permanent Deputy Headteacher based at Queen’s Crescent School.
The Deputy Headteacher will be expected to teach a Year 6 class for 2 days a week and have 3 days leadership time supporting the Head of School and leading current initiatives across the school.
Required to start on Monday 20th April 2020 or earlier if possible.

Come and join our lively and friendly 14 class school. Our excellent facilities make Queen’s Crescent School a very rewarding place to work. If you are a committed, caring and enthusiastic teacher who believes in a creative approach to teaching you could help to lead our school.

We are looking to appoint a teacher who has the following qualities:-
• Excellent classroom teacher
• Enthusiasm for learning and keen to develop your own skills
• Knowledge and understanding of issues related to school improvement
• Team player
• Able to work effectively with all sections of our school community

We offer:-
• Lively and enthusiastic children who enjoy learning and achieve high standards
• Colleagues, governors and parents who support the school
• Opportunities provided for continuing professional development including support for NPQH
• An excellent working environment and leadership time to carry out the role of Deputy Head.

In partnership with the Head of School, to develop the school’s aims and policies to provide an effective management of the school, To fully participate in the process of school planning through the development, monitoring and review within the areas of curriculum staff development/appraisals, pupils, resources, relationships/ communications, ethos/building links with parents.

To teach designated pupils and to undertake associated pastoral and administrative duties as well as other general responsibilities in the school as agreed with the Head of School.

The Deputy Headteacher is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (see Appendix 1)

• Work closely with the Head of School on monitoring and raising the quality of
teaching and learning in the school.
• Act as an exemplar teacher and carry out performance management reviews.
• Support teachers and TAs to work effectively with the children so standards of
learning and behaviour are high.
• Lead the key stage leaders, in order to ensure consistency across both key stages.
• Supporting colleagues in meetings with parents where appropriate.
• Take a lead in assessment across the school and support colleagues to ensure the children are making good progress and are meeting their targets.
• Lead on raising the attainment and progress of Disadvantaged Learners across the school.
• Be a member of the senior leadership team taking an active role in the development and improvement of Queen’s Crescent School.
• To lead curriculum leaders across the school.

• To keep abreast of National Curriculum and other developments within the changing Curriculum.
• To act as a consultant to colleagues.
• To lead policy development and resource acquisition.
• To review provision in line with National Curriculum requirements.
• To know standards within the school advising colleagues on improvement and keep SLT informed of standards.
• As Deputy Headteacher to lead the work of the curriculum leaders. To co-ordinate their work, to meet twice a year with them monitoring the work they undertake, giving guidance and support, evaluating the impact of their work on the curriculum of the school. Ensure that all subject leaders are aware of standards within their subject and to report to the SLT, Head and governors on these.
• As Deputy Headteacher to promote continuity and progression supporting leaders to help them develop this within the subject area and support the staff in raising standards across the curriculum. To have a clear and accurate picture of the standards achieved within the curriculum of Queen’s Crescent School supporting curriculum leaders in the gathering and evaluation of evidence.

• To work with the Head, SLT, staff and governors to lead and manage Queen’s Crescent School, achieving high standards in line with the aims of the school.
• Staff and children.
• Resources.
• To be involved in monitoring and evaluation of the work of the school (in particular the role of the curriculum leaders).
• To organise, for example, rota’s, curriculum evenings and other such tasks as discussed with the Head of School.

• Relationships of staff, children and parents.
• General welfare and conduct of all people on the school site.
• Working climate.
• To deputise for the Head of School as and when necessary.

To be involved in the selecting, ordering and installing of resources. To maintain their orderly storage. To be aware of health and safety issues at all times.

• To teach pupils according to their individual needs including the planning, preparation and assessment of work in line with the agreed policies of the school.
• To monitor and be responsible for the use of teaching resources provided for the class.
• To supervise the work of non-teaching assistant(s) relevant to the class.
• To implement and maintain the behaviour policy of the school.
• Marking of class attendance registers.
• The assessment and recording of pupils’ achievements and progress within the statutory requirements and those of the school’s assessment policy.
• Contribution to meetings, discussions and management systems necessary to ensure the co-ordination of the work of the school as a whole.

• To exemplify high quality learning through their own classroom practice.
• To be a learner themselves and keen on professional development and extending their skills.
• To demonstrate through classroom practice a quality classroom environment which encourages and supports the children in their learning and acts as an example to other teachers.
• To support and lead staff on developing a quality school environment through the regular changing of displays, setting out of information areas, promoting the care of the school environment, both inside and outside, so that the environment supports the learning of the children.
• To promote, support and monitor the balance of subjects displayed and to support staff in ensuring that all subjects are represented in the school over a term. To promote the introduction of displays that link work across classes and teams so progression of work within an area can be shown.

• To review aims and objectives.
• To act as curriculum leader establishing a broad based curriculum in line with statutory requirements, local policies and the policies of the governing body.
• To ensure regular review.
• To develop and maintain high standards within the classroom and across the school.
• To have a leadership role for the Behaviour Policy.

• To work with the SLT to co-ordinate assessment and target setting in the school. Supporting staff to help children achieve their class/cohort targets.
• To organise the assessment timetable for the school which includes arranging the ordering of papers and ensuring correct administration and analysis of resulting data.
• To work with the administrative staff and teachers to ensure that data on assessment systems is kept up to date.
• To lead on assessment improvement initiatives in the SDP.
• To support the development of marking systems across the school.
• To support the reporting system for report writing, working with colleagues on improvements and developments.
• To lead staff on school Insight tracker and ensure they are kept up to date on changes to the system and school pupil tracker non-negotiables are adhered to.
• To lead on analysis of ASP, Perspective Lite and FFT data, identifying strengths and areas for development to share with teachers, Head and governors.
• To meet with team leaders to track cohort data, to ensure targets are met and interventions are in place, if required.
• To attend tracking meetings with staff and members of the SLT.
• To provide relevant data for Pupil Premium SEF to track achievement of Disadvantaged Learners.
• To inform governors of recent assessments and ensure they are aware of cohort attainment and progress.
• To provide past and current cohort data when reporting to the Pickwick Academy Trust Board.
• To support the Head on ensuring consistency in data and assessment procedures across the PAT.

• By working with others, provide professional leadership and management to secure positive engagement, progress and attainment for disadvantaged pupils across the school.
• Lead on Achievement for All programme, engaging disadvantaged learner parents.


• To help to appoint and deploy staff as appropriate.
• To ensure that the professional development needs of the staff are identified and met (resources permitting).
• To act as CPD lead and organise working with the Finance Officer and Administrative Officer on the budget aspects of training.

• To develop and maintain an effective system of communication both within and without the school to aid governors in fulfilling their role.
• To develop and maintain effective relationships with parents and to encourage active participation in the life of the school.
• To co-ordinate the staff meeting timetables.

• To lead on the implementation and development of the behaviour policy.
• To support staff in undertaking initiatives within the school such as the development of emotional literacy.
• To be responsible for monitoring and auditing standards of behaviour and ethos as set out in the LA school improvement and OFSTED documentation.
• To promote value systems, high morale, leadership and liaison within the community.
• To promote team work within teams and across the whole school.
• To lead on and promote a healthy work-life balance.

The nature of the work requires the jobholder has undergone checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service and has the relevant level of Disclosure.

The jobholder must demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

The jobholder has a responsibility to understand and abide by the obligations laid down in the school’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

The jobholder has a responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their own omissions.

The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not exhaustive. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties periodically within the general scope of the post. Any such duties should not substantially change the general character of the post. Duties and responsibilities outside the general scope of this grade of post will be with the consent of the post holder.

The job holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with the Trust’s Health and Safety policies and procedures, working to and within School policies and procedures, including operational, financial, safeguarding, child protection as well as professional standards.

It is a feature of employment by The Academy Trust, that we may request you to work from an alternative location, this may include travelling to other Pickwick Academy Trust schools, as may reasonably be required for the performance of your duties in line with operational requirements. You also agree to travel on school/Trust business as required for the performance of your duties. This will require Business Travel on your personal car insurance.

At Pickwick Academy Trust we are committed to safeguarding children and promoting the welfare of children and young people and we require anyone joining our school to actively contribute to this commitment. All successful candidates will be subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks along with other relevant employment checks.

Essential educational requirements

Qualified teacher with experience of teaching a range of different age groups.
Minimum 5 years’ experience and evidence to show that you are able to achieve outstanding quality of teaching and are a reflective practitioner.

Essential qualifications


Essential skills and experience

Minimum 5 years’ experience and evidence to show that you are able to achieve outstanding quality of teaching and are a reflective practitioner
Able to work with the Head of School as an effective school leader prompting and supporting the raising of standards and high quality learning
Proven ability to inspire, challenge and support others whilst leading on school improvement
Experience of teaching an engaging and relevant curriculum
Has had management responsibility
Effective promotion of pastoral care and managing pupils’ behaviour
Can lead on the use of data to track pupils and cohort progress against aspirational targets
To be able to build up a caring and supportive relationship with the children
To be able to work in a team, share ideas, expertise and support staff in their professional development.
Has carried out staff performance management

Employee benefits

Salary: Leadership Scale, Point 5 to 10 (£44106 to £49937 per annum), dependent on experience.


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