What will students see and do?

Located in Telford, Sky Reach offers activity-based experiences of the highest quality in a safe and supervised environment. The courses are led by Sky Reach staff who are experienced and highly qualified outdoor education professionals with a passion for taking learning up into the trees.

There are three adventure activities to enjoy at Sky Reach: high ropes (minimum participant height of 130cm); quick jump; and wall climbing.

The high ropes course is set at two levels, with the highest being a full ten metres off the ground, as well as four levels of difficulty ranging from very easy to hard. You can warm up on the lower section before setting your sights on the Telford Town Park skyline as you leap and stretch across the harder, higher ‘Leap of Faith’ part.

This activity requires some serious balance, physical skill and nerve, and once you’re done you can take the speedy way down with two thrilling quick jumps.

There are also several climbing walls to choose from, offering a range of challenges, ensuring that there’s something for anyone, no matter whether they’re a beginner or expert.

Teaching resources provided

Get in contact to discuss your curriculum objectives and the sorts of learning resources Sky Reach may be able to provide.

Minimum and maximum group size

No limit stated – get in touch to discuss.

Details of risk assessment

Get in contact to request.


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Facilities on-site

There are facilities and equipment for high ropes, quick jumps and wall climbing.

Opening times

Daily, 12pm-5pm



High ropes: £12.50 per 90 minute session
Climbing wall: £6.50 per 30 minute session
Quick jump: £6.50 per two descents

Early bird offers are available at selected times.

Travel arrangements

Sky Reach is located in Telford Town Park. The closest car parks are Dark Lane and Southwater – a five-minute walk from the site.


Sky Reach, Telford Town Park, Dark Lane, Telford

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Book your school trip to Sky Reach

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

Book your school trip to Sky Reach

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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