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Flamingo Land Zoo

What will students see and do?

Set in 375 acres of picturesque North Yorkshire countryside, Flamingo Land is a theme park, zoo, and resort.

This site is home to all manner of creatures great and small, with tigers from the tropical forests of South East Asia, giraffes from sub-Saharan Africa, penguins from the Pacific coastline of Chile and Peru, and all the kids’ farmyard favourites in the Muddy Duck Farm – you can enjoy a truly amazing view of the animal kingdom in the heart of North Yorkshire.

However, Flamingo Land’s passion for animals goes far beyond creating truly unforgettable memories for guests. The zoo focuses on creating environments that mimic natural habitats for the 140+ species of reptiles, mammals and birds.

A number of these residents are also part of international breeding programmes, helping to preserve endangered populations in the wild.

There are plenty of exciting experiences for visiting students to enjoy, including Be A Zoo Keeper experiences, bird and sea lion shows, zoo trails and a range of educational workshops where children can get up close and personal with the animals themselves.

Teaching resources provided

Get in contact to discuss your curriculum objectives and the sorts of learning resources Flamingo Land Zoo may be able to provide.

Details of risk assessment

Flamingo Land has risk assessments for general visits to the zoo and theme park available on request, as well as specific ones for animal handling. Two teachers per booked class can also visit the site before the trip to conduct their own risk assessment or speak to staff.


Don't miss our downloadable A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

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Book your school trip to Flamingo Land Zoo

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

Book your school trip to Flamingo Land Zoo

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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