Cardiff Castle

What will students see and do?

Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. The walls have seen it all, from the Roman occupation, the Norman conquest, the turbulence of civil war to a Victorian transformation and the terrors of World War II.

As a result, it contains a story 2,000 years in the making, which can be told through the following features:
• The Norman Keep: This 12-sided keep is known as a ‘shell’ keep because its outer walls provided a shell for smaller buildings within. From the top, you can see panoramic views of the city stretching as far as Castell Coch.
• The Replica Trebuchet: This 13th-century siege engine was one of the deadliest military machines of its time, developed to attack the solid walls of castles.
• The Castle Apartments: When times became less turbulent in the 1500s, priorities began to shift from defence to comfort. The Earl of Pembroke set about creating a luxurious home in the castle, resulting in a gothic feudal extravaganza that features fairytale rooms rich with murals, gilding and elaborate wood carvings, stained glass and marble.
• Firing Line: This world-class exhibition commemorates over 300 years of history, including the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Rorke’s Drift against the Zulus in 1879, and the army’s recent service in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a combination of information, exhibits, living history events and hands-on activities.
• Roman Chariot Corner: Hidden beneath the castle’s southeast tower is an impressive mural made out of cement and plaster, finished in metallic gold paint.
• The Roman Walls: Discovered in 1888, the remains of the first of four Roman forts can be seen today in the visitor centre.
• Wartime Shelters: Within the walls of the castle are tunnels that came into their own as air-raid shelters during World War II. There were dormitories with bunks, kitchens, toilets and first aid posts, all concealed within the historic castle.
• The Battlement Walk: Visitors can walk along three sides of the castle’s outer defences, starting from the south wall, continuing around the east and ending at the north gate.

Visitors can download the free Cardiff Castle app on their smartphone or tablet and follow the self-guided walking tour at their own pace, or listen to the castle’s fascinating history at the numbered information points, narrated by BBC newsreader, Huw Edwards.

Teaching resources provided

Cardiff Castle has put together a time-traveller website. Students can learn all about the people who lived there during Roman, Celt, Norman, Medieval, Victorian and World War II time periods; explore a timeline of the site and Cardiff in general; and play games such as jigsaws, word searches and colouring pages.

The pages are designed to support an educational visit, whether that’s preparing for your school trip or following up with work in the classroom, and give a historical context to the 2,000 years of Cardiff Castle’s history.

Minimum and maximum group size

The educational centre and guided tours can accommodate groups of up to 35 people.

Details of risk assessment

Contact Cardiff Castle directly to request details.


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Facilities on-site

As well as the castle, the grounds host a castle cafe where visitors can choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks, and tasty treats.

There is also a gift shop, where you will find a selection of souvenirs and local produce.

Opening times

Cardiff Castle is open Monday to Thursday: 10am-4pm,
Friday-Sunday: 9am-6pm (March to October), 9am-5pm (November to February)



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Travel arrangements

The castle is located in Cardiff’s city centre, making it easy to find and only a short walk from the main transport hubs.

There is no on-site parking available but both Westgate Street NCP’s and Greyfriars NCP’s car parks are conveniently located nearby.


Cardiff Castle, Castle Street, Cardiff
CF10 3RB

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Book your school trip to Cardiff Castle

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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